21 February 2013 - Charlene Libby, Buxton, Maine USA 3:54 EST
2-3 seconds duration. Southeast/Southwest direction. I was facing Southwest. It was green, with no noise and as bright as Venus. It had a visible long tail.
21 February 2013 - Robert Ahti, Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA 3:50 EST
5 seconds duration. The meteor was heading in a southwesterly direction. I was facing west. It was green. I'd say it was of medium brightness. It was very large compared to shooting stars I've seen over my years.
21 February 2013 - Vinny, Westford, Massachusetts, USA 3:45 EST
2/3 seconds duration. I was facing Southeast. It was bright white with a tail. I reckon it was the size of a basketball. I'd say it was as bright as Venus. I've seen shooting stars but this one was very large and amazing to see. As it went beyond the tree line you could still see the brightness.
21 February 2013 - Paul L., Weymouth, MA, U.S.A 3:50 EST
3 seconds duration. East to West direction. Bright yellow color, brighter than the Moon. My first :)
21 February 2013 - Robert Dahler, Baltimore City, Maryland, USA 3:54 EST
3-4 seconds duration. It went overhead from south to north. I was facing Northwest. It was green to blue in color, no sound on this one. Brighter than Venus, and a bit larger than a softball. Saw one as a kid, in '78 or '79 about the size of a small car wheel with the sound of a 1000 sparklers tied together.