15 February 2013 - David Reis, Redwood City, CA @ 19:45 PST
2 seconds duration. E-W direction. Bright white color, as bright as the sun. No fragmentation and it had a very short tail.
15 February 2013 - Christine Grau, Roseville, CA @ 19:44 PST
2-3 seconds duration. E-W direction. Green and orange tail. Very bright, it was vibrant and huge.
15 February 2013 - Alex, Santa Rosa, CA @ 7:43 PST
1.5 seconds duration. Southwest direction. White color. Brighter than the moon. Pulling into my driveway, I witnessed this bright white fireball in the southwestern sky. It had minor breakup and was a quick streak that started small and grew in size before it extinguished.

15 February 2013 - Hale Sakrison, San Francisco, CA @ 19:40 PST
3 seconds duration. I was facing due west. It appeared to be traveling west, but due to my position it appeared to hang in the sky. Very bright white, it started small and intense and rapidly bloomed. It was bright enough to leave afterimages in my eyes. As bright as the Moon. Too far away to tell if it fragmented. It looked like it exploded over the ocean. Brightest meteor I have ever seen. Moved very fast even at the shallow angle.
15 February 2013 - Bruce Deming, San Jose, CA @ 20:05 PST
5 seconds duration. E-W direction. White color with slight yellow. It was more radiant than the moon. It did not light up anything on ground. It had a kind of debris aura. It dimmed down then flared up again. No sound. I was in my car; it came from behind and overhead to about 30 degrees from the horizon.
15 February 2013 - Ivan, Eureka, CA @ 19:43 PST
4 - 5 seconds duration. East to West direction, I was facing a southerly direction. Very bright white color, with a long white streak. Brighter than the moon. Some fragmentation. It was like a skyrocket - it was a truly awesome sighting!
15 February 2013 - Eileen Workman, The Sea Ranch, CA @ 19:55 PST
4-5 seconds duration. I was south/southwest facing. It was bright white, as bright as the moon. No fragmentation but it was very bright and large.