© LunarMeteorite*Hunter / Google EarthFireball seen across Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands, 13 February 2013
Initial Sighting Reports

13 February 2013 - O'Neill Keegan. Florennes, Namur, Belgium 22.20 CET
15 seconds duration (very very long!). Northwest direction, moving from left to right (fell straight down more than anything). Yellow/orange/red colour, very bright friction point. There were two separate fragmentations that shone brightly. The fireball was in an almost vertical drop +-75°. It was really impressive because of how long it took to get down. I confused it for a plane at first.
13 February 2013 - Melissa. Riethoven, The Netherlands 22:30 CET
20 seconds duration. Northwest to Southeast direction. Red colour with long white tail. I went outside the house to walk the dog. We immediately saw something bright and big in the sky. It was amazing!
13 February 2013 - Joe Lee. Friedrichsthal, Saarland, Germany 22:15 CET
5-10 seconds duration. Northwest to Southeast direction. First there was a short bright light that reminded me of lightning, than I saw it pass with an orange/yellow glow. I thought at first I was seeing a burning plane except for the object's speed. The center was as bright as the center of the sun... but smaller in size. I saw no parts falling off... just a fireball passing by. I was sitting in my living room, the lightning-like light got my attention and then I saw it passing by. As it was heading towards Ramstein AFB, I thought ther might be a fighter burning but that would have been smaller in size. I am still not sure what I actually saw but I thought maybe others saw it as well and wanted to report it.
13 February 2013 - Hylkema. Meppel, The Netherlands 22:30 CET
15 seconds duration. I was facing Southwest. Its direction: West to South. Fast moving white/red/orange light (fireball) with a long tail. It was as bright as the moon, but obviously much smaller.
13 February 2013 - Montie Davis. Siegen, Germany 22:40 CET
15-20 seconds duration. Southwest to Southeast. The fireball had orange flames. I would say it had candle-flame brightness. There was white explosive fragmentation. It traversed complete field of my view.