I am doing research on historic finds across America. Any articles and shared research would be much appreciated as I put together evidence of giant races. Contact me here. Also, If anyone has any personal writings or information on Doctor. P. R Hoy, from Racine, Wisconsin I would be interested in talking to you as well.

My last article to bring awareness of the giant phenomenon has received much attention and my inbox seemed to be full of stories like this one. One contact that reached out to me was Jim Vieira researcher and writer for Ancient American Magazine. We had a discussion about Stone builders, Mound builders and the Giants of Ancient America. Discoveries like this one found in the local Texas newspaper archives. The thought that a race of 18 ft. tall giants would bring some answers to unexplained architecture and legends. Giants appear all throughout history and multiple cultures. I wonder how much a group of these giants could lift? How fast could they row? What else is real?

First let's look at some popular giant characteristics that do not show up on human individuals. These usually are their size, six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. This is even mentioned in the Bible 1st Chronicles 20:6. In Amos 2:9, Amos describes them "as tall as cedars", which in most cases is taken as figurative and not literal.

It has recently come out that the Maya replaced the Olmec civilization. The Olmec civilization was suddenly and brutally destroyed by the giants who fled from Canaan. The Maya culture that succeeded it was heavily influenced and controlled by the giants whom they worshipped as gods or divinities. It made way for something much worse. Giants in history are generally canabalistic in nature. Which may have helped influence the Aztec culture and their human sacrifice rituals.

Also make it known that the Nephilim bloodline throughout history always loves to be worshipped. I have reason to believe this may be the cause of why we have so many different Gods. Aztecs believed during the first age, the gods created giants from ashes, and gave them acorns to eat.

Austin Texas, June 14th 1919. Mr. McKinney finds a massive skeleton while excavating for oil. He guessed the man weighed 2000-2500 pounds and the skull was 6 times the size of a normal man.

Dr. James E. Pearce of the University of Texas said:
"If the report that the fossilized skeleton of a giant eighteen feet tall has been found near Seymour TX, is true, it is the most important ethnological discovery ever made in the world."
You can verify the newspaper source here.

If you notice at the bottom of the article to be donated to the Smithsonian Institute. Never to be heard from again. Doctor J Walter Fewkes did the anthropological research on it.

Now if you ask me this is one for the X-Files, Dr. Who or The Twilight Zone.
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