In August 2010, the Yesha Council together with Israel Sheli (My Israel), organized a workshop in Jerusalem to teach people how to edit Wikipedia articles in a pro-Israeli way. (Wikipedia)

The Yesha Council which is the Hebrew acronym for Yehuda Shomron, Aza, lit. "Judea Samaria and Gaza Council") is an umbrella organization of municipal councils of Jewish settlements in the West Bank (and formerly in the Gaza Strip), known by the Hebrew acronym Yesha. (ibid)

My Israel (Israel Sheli) is "an Israel right wing extra-parliamentary Zionist movement", which "deals with PR across the internet and especially social networks".

We bring to the consideration of Global Research readers this short video which features the Yesha Council-Israeli Sheli training program, pertaining to the art of manipulating online content on Wikipedia entries.

The stated objective of the training program organized by the Yesha Council and My Israel is to:

"teach people how to edit wikipedia: the number one source of information"

"We want to be there...

We want to influence what is written, how it is written, ensure that it is balanced and Zionist in nature"

[To ensure that] our side of the story is getting coverage"