A powerful coastal storm could dump as much as a foot of snow on areas of the East Coast this weekend. Though metropolitan areas along the East Coast have enjoyed a relatively mild winter with less than half of the average snowfall, a mix of snow, wind, and rain could change all of that come Friday and Saturday. Meteorologists say that a weather system from the Midwest will meet with one from the South, creating a storm that will deliver wind, snow, and rain.

The Weather Channel reports that the Midwestern storm pattern, which passed through Chicago and Milwaukee, will mix with wetter weather coming from New Orleans, Louisville, and even Atlanta. By Thursday night, forecasts predict that the clipper system will travel from the Great Lakes region to the East Coast, passing through cities like Philadelphia, New York, and up towards Boston.

But other weather forecasters say that there will be little accumulation in New York and Philadelphia, instead forecasting rain and sleet. Buffalo and Albany are also under the threat of significant snowfall, according to the NOAA.

Depending on whether the Eastern Seaboard gets rain or snow, Boston and other New England cities.

As of Wednesday morning, most of New York state is due for light to moderate snowfall.

New York City has been largely spared its usual snowfall, which averages at around 25 inches as of February.

This year, there has been less than eight inches of snowfall in the city.