© Photo Credit: John M. Hannam
John McAfee isn't the only one hiding out in Portland after a long trip from Central America. Another guest from the tropics - this time of the avian variety - has taken up temporary residence in the Pacific Northwest. The Audubon Society of Portland confirmed the sighting of an ovenbird, a species rarely seen outside Central America and the Caribbean during winter months.

Longtime-birder Suzanne Hannam, 84, spotted the warbler treading around the backyard of her Laurelhurst home. The sighting was so unusual the Audubon Society initially didn't believe Hannam. It was later verified after an official identified the spotted, orange-crowned bird.

And while the little songbird hasn't attracted the same media attention as McAfee, the other spotted, orange-crowned runaway from Central America, birders have taken notice. Hannam says she's had about 200 guests over the weekend and into Monday.

"We got so tired of the doorbell ringing we just posted a big sign out front telling birders to head to the backyard and to please not park in my front yard," says Hannam.

No word yet if the bird can confirm rumors of Hezbollah training camps in Belize. You'll just have to take McAfee's word for it.