Robert Hare
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Dr. Robert Hare is the foremost scholar and practicioner in the field of psychopathy and sociopathy, in the world today. In this video, Dr. Hare goes through the clinical dimensions for the assessment of psychopathy in individuals (Psychopathy Checklist Revised), and uses these dimensions to assess the behavior patterns of post-modern multinational corporations. His assessment hardly flatters today's corporate world. Yes, the average corporation is psychopathic; and does that really surprise you?

This kind of exercise applies to any kind of organization, be it public or private, or public/private.

You can read more about Dr. Hare's excellent work in his own webpage:

For his studies on sociopathy and subcriminal psychopathy, Dr. Hare has worked extensively with Dr. Paul Babiak, an expert in HR development Get Dr. Hare's books! "Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us": "Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths go to Work":

NOTE1, We should assess our public/private office holders for sociopathy. Nowadays, the powers-that-be are busy passing heavy regulations for the strict monitoring and engineering of the public's "mental health". In the U.S., you have the New Freedom Initiative, in the EU there is the European Pact for Mental Health and other such activities. This is already serious enough, since the purposes of these things are social control and human engineering. This is all done using corrupted paradigms, literally hailing out of old III Reich psychiatry and, indeed, Soviet psychiatry. The "new mental health" for the "new freedom" means the government will test you and alter you so you'll become a good collectivized drone creature. These initiatives are, of course, psychopathic from top to bottom, and reflect the sociopathic nature of today's power structure. The only way way to fight this is to block these things when and where you find them. Block, stop, kaput, over. But you should also give the sociopaths a bit of their own medicine, by demanding that every person that enters public office, or any other office that will have power and authority over public life, will be tested for psychopathy and sociopathy. Anyone scoring high on the PCL-SV would instantly be ineligible to hold office. A lot of the current boys would be out of there instantly, and you'd certainly have a far better chance of having an intact civilization in 100 years time. This is the ONLY "public mental health initiative" our societies need.

NOTE 2, on the scientific method. Before I get the usual avalanche of complaints by radical empiricists, that Dr. Hare shouldn't compare organizations to individuals because this is somehow supposed to be anti-scientific, let me assert that the comparison is scientifically valid, since we're dealing with axiomatic human personality/behavior dimensions, meaning they apply across the board, from micro (individuals) to macro (net behavior patterns in a collective structure). The root axiomatic variable here is amorality; psychopathy is firmly based on pure amorality. When an organization is taken down to this least common denominators (as organizations easily are), what you get is a net result pattern of institutional amoral behavior, quite comparable to that of an individual psychopath. The use of axioms, universal validatable principles, is essential to a good application of the scientific method; actually, it's the only way you make valid science, in contrast to the usual, obscurantist, mishmash soup of atomized "pragmatized" factoids that scientism essentially deifies.

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