An odd discovery was made Tuesday in Duson. More than 30 birds were found dead, and as of now no one knows why. The birds had no visible injuries and were just scattered in an area next to a sugar cane field.

"I came here this morning and saw birds all over the ground. One of them fell when I was walking around the property," James Wing said.

When Wing found the dead birds his first thought went to a deadly disease.

"I thought maybe it was West Nile. It was the first thing that popped in my head because they say, you see a dead bird you think it's West Nile," he said.

Wing called a state biologist to come in and investigate. The biologist collected around 30 of the dead birds for testing in Baton Rouge.

"We saw about a dozen of them that were ill. He said we'd probably see more until they could figure out what was the cause," Wing said.

Despite all the stormy and unusual weather, the biologist from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says it was likely not a factor in the deaths. Testing will give them a better idea of what happened by Thursday.