The ghost of his wife allegedly drove a 65-year-old widower to hang himself on Saturday morning inside his house in Novaliches, Quezon City.

"Look, it's my wife. She wants me to go with her so I'm going," were reportedly the last words of Nonito Locaya to his sister who minutes later found him hanging from a beam inside his room, a telephone cord looped around his neck.

Locaya was subsequently declared dead on arrival by attending doctors at Bernardino General Hospital.

Police Officer 3 Edison Banguilan, a first responder of the Quezon City Police District Novaliches station, said the victim's 69-year-old sister, Milagros Valenciano, found his body around 6 a.m. on Saturday in their house on Garcia Street, Doña Faustina Subdivision in Novaliches.

Banguilan quoted Valenciano as saying that several minutes before the incident, her brother suffered what she called a hallucination.

"He told his sister that his wife was at their house with them and inviting him to go with her," the police investigator told the Inquirer, adding that Locaya's wife had been dead for more than a year.

Valenciano ignored her brother and told him to rest in his room as she continued to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

But several minutes after, when she brought Locaya a cup of coffee, she found him hanging from the wooden beam.

She immediately sought the help of her neighbors in cutting him down from the beam and bringing him to the nearest hospital but their efforts proved futile.