Amherst, Mass. - A "flying saucer," signs of extraterrestrial life, or an unidentified flying object; whatever you call it, some people in Amherst say they saw it.

Witnesses told the Daily Hampshire Gazette that on Tuesday night, an object the size of two or three cars was seen hovering over Belchertown Road in Amherst. One woman said that it wasn't far from her car.

The unusual news was all the talk at the Black Sheep Deli on Main Street Thursday.

"If people saw something, they saw something. But I don't believe that an object in the sky was necessarily or was at all alien," Amy Ware of Sunderland said.

"I believe in it, because we are such a speck in the universe," said Juliet Rose of Bernardston. "Who are we to think that we are the only ones?"

Police say they did receive one call, but didn't investigate. Westover Air Reserve Base has a radar tower in Amherst, they told the Gazette radars didn't pick up any aircrafts in the area at that time.