In this video, a falcon feeds scraps of meat to a patiently waiting dog. Both the dog and the falcon appear to be pets, as they are both on leashes, and you can hear people talking in the background.

So what has compelled the falcon to share a meal with another species? Some readers have speculated that both animals may be used to hunt with their human owners and could have formed a bond over that time. Also, the falcon does not appear to be particularly hungry, meaning it has extra food and is falling back on maternal instincts.

One reader guessed that the falcon is a gyrfalcon and that the dog is a breed of saluki, both of which are commonly used for hunting.

However, other viewers have speculated that the falcon is not really feeding the dog at all, saying that the falcon seems to be accidentally dropping the scraps of food but is not threatened by the dog and therefore isn't putting up a fight when some scraps of meat drop to the ground.

Still, there appears to be some cooperation taking place between the falcon and the dog, as the dog does take more than one scrap directly from the falcon's perch, without objection.

Back in March, we told you about an eagle, dog and two cats hanging out on the porch of an Alaskan home. What do you think? Is this video more impressive?