© CTV NewsMontreal's massive snow clearing operation will start on Friday morning. Claudine Nicol took this photo of parked cars entombed in snow in Villeray on Thursday.
The City of Montreal said snow removal is going to take longer than expected following Thursday's record snowfall.

Michel Frenette, a spokesman for the city, said snow removal will take about nine days to accomplish.

The nine days also includes a break period for workers.

"We will stop operations on the evening of the 31st and come back 36 hours later on the morning of Jan. 2," said Frenette.

He said it is taking longer because snow blowers have to go over the same area multiple times to remove all of the snow.

Three thousand people are working to clear the snow.

Frenette said he is hopeful the clearing will be finished by Jan. 7 for people's return to school.

Despite the added days, he said he estimates the removal will cost about $25 million.

According to Environment Canada, Montreal was covered by a record-breaking 47 centimetres of snow on Thursday.

"It's a historical storm," said Réné Héroux from Environment Canada. "We've never had this much snow in a day. In 1971, there was a lot of snow, but it was over more than a day."

The snowfall surpassed the previous daily record established in March 1971 by two centimetres.