27 December 2012 - Joe Corona, California @ 6:15:00
3 seconds duration. Right to left, going south. White-orange and maybe blue colour. Bright as the sun.
27 December 2012 - H. Duplessis, Valley Center, CA @ 6:30 am PST
2 seconds duration. I was facing south-east. White streak traveled down, in easterly direction. First it was a white streak falling east then it ended with a green blast (green fireball?). Very bright white, similar to burning magnesium. Sky was clear, streak & green fireball were very distinct.
27 December 2012 - Millie Etter, Canoga Park, California @ 6:00am PST
Maybe 10 seconds duration. I was heading South on Topanga Canyon Road/Victory Blvd stop light. White colour, very bright and clear. Bright like the moon. No fragments, but a long clean flaring tail - it seemed large. The sky was clear, dark/black... it was super clear out - outstanding thing to see.
27 December 2012 - Frank Elguera, Los Angeles @ 06:10 PST
3 seconds duration - Went right to left, facing southwest. White-blue colour, no sound. Bright as Venus. Impact in atmosphere created a big diamond shaped bolide.