Crying Baby
© Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili
How desperate can a man can get when left alone with his children? Just ask one father in Bavaria, who called the police for help when he couldn't hush his three crying babies.

­The 31-year-old father from Weiden became overwhelmed when the tearful tykes let lose the waterworks in concert on Sunday night.

Unluckily for the Bavarian man, the babies' mother wasn't there and he couldn't reach her by phone as his two five-month old twins and their two-year old sister let lose with a torrent of tears.

Having failed to reach his wife by phone and unable to calm his babies down, the father desperately started looking for a helping hand, or in this case the long arm of the law.

The "Friends and helpers", as the German police motto reads, heard out the father's sob story and offered some helpful babysitting tips, leaving the pitiable papa to his parent trap.