London, Ontario - Muzzled and unable to bark for help, police say Kiki the husky found another way to alert helpful humans to its desperate plight.

The dog honked a car horn.

Police say the 13-year-old dog was left in deplorable conditions in a moving van, along with two other dogs and two cats.

When police discovered the van Monday in a downtown parking lot, Kiki was honking the horn.

"I think he figured out how to use the horn. Dogs are very smart, they watch us all the time," said Judy Foster, the executive director of the London Humane Society.

Along with Kiki, the humane society seized two husky-Rottweiler crosses, Buddy and Six-toes, each about four or five years old.

Six-toes got his name because he has six toes.

The two cats were discovered in a crate.

There was no food for the dogs or cats, Foster said.

Donna Herbert and Allan Folkins-Wyre have been charged with three counts each of causing an animal to be in distress, one count of failing to provide necessary care and one count of failing to provide adequate and appropriate sanitary conditions.

They also face five Criminal Code charges of cruelty to animals.

Once the dogs are "no longer in distress," the owners can reclaim them if they pay a fine and the cost of the animals' care, Foster said, pending the outcome of the criminal charges.

Kiki, Buddy and Six-toes and the two cats are enjoying food and treats, Foster said.