Two meteor events: ~22:30 and ~23:50 ET, 12 December 2012

12 December 12 - Glen, London, Ontario, Canada 23:50 EST
4 seconds duration - Straight down, looking east. Bright green large firework, slight fragmentation, like an upside down firework.
12 December 2012 - Yvonne MacInnis, TORONTO, Canada 1130PM
2-3 seconds duration - E-W, N-S. Bright orange with white blue tail, as bright as the sun/moon. Travelling southeast at Redpath and Eglinton. Brilliant!!
12 December 2012 - Vafa, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 22:30:00
2.5 seconds duration - NE-SW, facing North. Bright white, yellow, orange. Same brightness as the Sun. Explosion large enough to suspect fragments. Bright ribbon across the sky, then explosion into fireball the shape of a pumpkin.
12 December 2012 - Craig, Toronto, ON, Canada 22:27 EST
1-2 seconds duration - Facing north, north east. It streaked northwards. Fireball was orange and red (didn't hear sound). Bright burning orange/red colour. The mass appeared to break up explosively into several fragments. This was a large meteor.