Initial Reports

29 November 2012 - Hunor, Ocsa, Hungary 18:00:00
I suppose it was around 12 seconds duration. If facing the trail, then its direction was SE-NW, from right to left. I think it started over Alsapakony and stopped above Felsopakony. It had a bright white flame and was bright red at the contact zone. It looked like the lights of a landing airplane at a distance of 500m. I observed fragmentation into at least three or four major parts. Unfortunately I was too late to take a picture.
29 November 2012 - Lukasz, RACIBORZ, POLAND 17:50:00
6 seconds duration. I was facing SSE, it went from left to right (the meteor bearing was SW). There was no sound, it was bright white, with some green and a little blue. It looked like car headlights from about 200m away. 3-4 fragments fell off during its flight. It looked like it was going pretty slow (though I've never seen a meteor before). Its flight path was very flat, almost horizontal. It flew for 6 seconds and then suddenly disappeared (maybe hidden behind clouds).

The meteor over Hungary on 29 November 2012 has been categorized as a bolide by several local websites, with around 15 people reporting it here.

The bolide was seen in a central part of Hungary, over an area marked by Ocsa, Tokol, Oroshaza, Nyiregyhaza, Budapest, Jaszapati, Jaszbereny. All witnesses describe fragmentation into 3-4 parts. The color was reported as bright white (xenon), with some green and blue. A report says its size was equivalent to the moon. Weather conditions at this time included a full moon and clear sky in the region. The most popular Hungarian news site also reported the event here.