We've been flooded with emails ever since we published a police log post about several recent reports of unexplained 'explosion noises' in Salem.

Ever since we published a police log post entitled "Explosions Heard on Bridge Street" last week, we've received more than a dozen emails from Salem residents who are interested in finding out what's causing the unusual late-night noises.

At 12:22 a.m., on Monday, Nov. 19, local police officers responded to multiple reports of loud explosions in the area of Bridge Street. A search of the area, however, didn't reveal the source of the alleged sounds, according to the following morning's police log.

Some local residents even emailed in other information, including other dates when they swear they heard similar unexplained booming sounds echoing across the city.

One even suggested that there could be some correlation between that earthquake in Maine in October and the booming noises heard just beforehand in Salem. (A minor 2.1 earthquake was recorded in Belfast, Maine, on Friday night.)

Here's some of the comments our readers have posted about the recent noises:

Jared Robinson Yeah. The explosions on bridge st were wicked loud. There were like 4-5 loud ones.

Carolyn Costain Hey Jared, I hope, Peabody and Salem can find and explanation for the explosions and I hope they "are" just transformers. I do a lot of research and people have described and heard the same kind of unexplained explosions as we heard ,usually before an earthquake. I have been looking at the earthquake live maps but see no activity, " yet" when we felt that quake a few months ago, there were reports of the same kind of explosions heard and within only a few short days the quake struck. I hope both Salem and Peabody find the "actual source" and that its not the earth shifting in our area?

ACG Could be bottle bombs. I won't list the how to, but they are very easy to make with household ingredients. They can be quite loud. Especially at night when it is quiet. There would not be any smoke or flash with them. I used to be a police officer and we would always be chasing down these type of calls and unless you found the exact spot where the bottle blew up it is hard to find where it occurred as they leave very little evidence. I think I also saw in the police log that on one of these nights in question the PD also had a call on Bridge St. for underage drinking.

Jared Robinson they happened just after midnight on Sunday/Monday.
Really large booms. not like fireworks at all.

Don Nadeau Perhaps someone discharging a firearm at the beach or park out over the water at Collins Cove?? Some Cities are mic'd to pick up gunshots and triangulate on them. I have heard loud heavy "fireworks" in smooth succession from time to time, like someone firing rounds.

Meg Elizabeth I was right across the river in north salem, and have a perfect view of the bridge street area skyline - looked out my window (from the third floor) after the first boom, and saw nothing in the sky during the second and third booms. They were very loud; positive not fireworks.

Jenny I also heard an explosion last night around 11:30pm on Marlborough Rd. Not sure where it came from or what it was but it was pretty loud...seemed louder than a gunshot. I was outside with my dog when I heard it... scared me! Looked around for a while but didn't see anything. Wonder what it could be..

Carolyn Costain Last night there were 3 more loud explosions as My sister and I walked the dogs . the noises were the direction of North st towards Peabody between 9-10pm moments later were heard police and fire going in that direction. Does anyone know what happened?

Do you have a theory about the unexplained noises? Did you hear them from your home in Salem? Let us know in the comments section below.