A huge crop circle was photographed on Lachlan Valley in New South Wales on November 23. The photo was taken ten days after the occurrence of the total solar eclipse that Australians and tourists witnessed in Cairns.

The crop circle has been called "Seed of Life." However, the seed itself is in the shape of a flower. It is the centre of the crop circle, which in its entirety apparently depicts the recent solar eclipse.

There are no traces of human tracks around the shope, realufos.net reported.

Surrounding the crop circle 'seed' is the shape of "vesica piscis," the term for the intersection of two circles with the same radius. The web site Crop Circle Connector related the vesica piscis to the recent total solar eclipse.

Crop Circle
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Crop Circle Connector noted:

"The most famous example in nature of a Vesica Piscis is during a total solar eclipse. Then the Moon's apparent size is the same as that of the Sun. As the Moon moves to cover the Sun, at a certain moment in time it forms a Vesica Piscis. In some ancient cultures, the Sun was regarded as a male god, while the Moon was regarded as a goddess. That Vesica Piscis geometry symbolized an opening or gateway between two polarities, through which creation can take place."

The crop circle was reported on 23rd November 2012 at Boorowa, Lachlan Valley, Nr Yass, New South Wales. Rosco Williams took aerial snapshots of the crop circles (available here).

Below is the video of the combined snaps of the crop circle.

What do you think of this crop circle in Austraila - could it have anything to do with the recent solar eclipse?