Excerpt from the excellent documentary about John Trudell, American philosopher, poet, musician, actor and activist.

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Transcript, from 0:35
Columbus, I guess it all did start with Columbus. I have a real problem about all of this. To me he was like a virus, a disease. I spent a lot of time protesting, trying to figure out how to deal with this disease. I think we really need to put serious thought into understanding that we're dealing with a disease. It's like there's this predatory energy on this planet. This predatory energy feeds upon the essence of the spirit, feeds upon the essence of the human being.

This predatory energy can take fossil fuel and other resources out of the Earth, turn it into fuel, to run a machine system. But in order for there to be a need for that system, and in order for that system to work, they have to mine our minds to get at the essence of our spirit. In the same way the external mining takes place, which pollutes - people understand now how it poison the environment, the air, the water - in the same way the mining of the essence, the mining of the spirit, mining our minds... the pollution from that are all the neurotic, distorted, insecure behavior patterns that we developed.

In order for this predatory system, this disease, to work, we must not be able to use our minds in a clear coherent manner. Because if we use our minds in a clear coherent manner, we will not accept the unacceptable.

It's a disease that lives and travels through the minds and through the generations.