Hundreds joined a demonstration in central London organized by the internet group Anonymous. It was dubbed 'Operation Vendetta'. As the citizens of the UK, the demonstrators felt they had a very personal vendetta against the people who run their country. They are angry about the British government's handling of the budget, the cuts in public services and austerity programme.

The protesters here call themselves 'freedom fighters' as they believe the government is trying to take away the freedoms and rights of the people. They believe their doctors, nurses, teachers and workers have been let down; sold out to the bankers.

'No one wants to listen to us. Voting makes no difference. We vote and then they take us to wars we don't want. They tax us with things that aren't right. They take our money and give it to the bankers.'

'They are not governing. They are looking after themselves. They are creating enormous amounts of wealth for themselves and we are enslaved by the government. We are owned by the bankers. If the government defaults on their payments, who have they got to back that loan? Us. The people. We are enslaved, why should we be enslaved? Why are we the only species on the planet to have to pay to live here?'

'The 99% are being oppressed by the 1%. Why do we the poorest people pay 20% tax and the richest people pay 1% tax or less, don't even pay it?'

The group anonymous claim they have no official members and no hierarchy. They have thousands of followers on the internet. They question all authority and call for any authority to be held publicly accountable for their crimes against mankind.

But this protest is a lot more than UK government failure. Many here believe the British government is part of a global agenda to create wars and expand their hegemony.

A YouTube video promoting the demonstration slams the government's incompetence and sent out a severe warning to the public.

'New world order that's what they want, a new world order, that's Zionist, Lucifarian worshipers. They couldn't give a care about us. That's why I am here. They've got a war with Iran. For nothing! They're killing innocent kids, innocent people, for money for power. Enough is enough! We're sick and tired and that's why we are here. **** the 1% we are the 99%'