Initial Sighting Reports

15 November 2012 - Edsel. London, Ontario 06:40 EST
5 seconds duration - Traveling north west. It looked greenish in color. As bright as a full moon. I could see a tail with debris as it flared out in the sky.
15 November 2012 - Kevin. Monumental, West Virginia 06:40 EST
3 seconds duration - SE to NW direction. I was facing West. White/green color, no sound. Bright enough to be seen during daylight. Yes, I saw sparks.
15 November 2012 - Brian. Dayton, Ohio, USA 06:42 EST
5 seconds duration - Northeast to west. I was facing Northeast. White color at first, then green - no sound. Venus brightness. Trail of sparks visible. It looked like a star at first but I noticed it was moving very fast and then before I knew it, it was almost right above me and faded out as sparks streamed off the back and the flame turned green.
15 November 2012 - Meg. Hilliard, Ohio, USA 06:40 EST
5 seconds duration, moving in a North-East direction. Bright white colour, as bright as the moon. No fragments, but it had a bright white tail and large head.
15 November 2012 - Steve Harvey. Dayton, Ohio, USA 06:42 EST
7 seconds duration. East by Southeast to East by Northeast. Green color and as bright as the moon.
15 November 2012 - JRG, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 06:45 EST
~5 seconds duration. North by northeast to north, viewed straight ahead while travelling north. White colour, as bright as Venus, which was to my right and behind me. No fragmentation and no apparent ionization trail, but streetlights, headlights and rising sun were contaminating view
15 November 2012 - Brian. Clinton, Ontario, Canada 06:40 EST
1-2 seconds duration - East to West, while I was facing South. White / light blue in color and as bright as a full moon. I saw many small fragments coming off the tail. The meteor was very bright and large, easily seen against the early morning sky.