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Ahmed Bilal Osman
Sudan's Minister of Culture and Information Ahmed Bilal Osman described Israel as a serious threat to the entire region, reminding that Tel Aviv's blatant disrespect for all international rules was displayed in its recent aggression against Khartoum.

"Israel is the greatest threat posed to the Arab countries and the entire region," Osman told Sudan official TV network, adding that Tel Aviv has sought to start war with Sudan since 1982.

He said the recent military attack by Israel on Sudan was not aimed at the ruling system but was meant to serve as the start of a colonial move to loot his country's resources.

Osman further said that Sudan has initiated diplomatic and international moves to disclose the Israeli aggression against Khartoum to the public in every dimension, adding that his country has also filed a complaint at the UN Security Council.

Earlier, Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir called Israel his country's number one enemy and repeated Khartoum's assertion that Tel Aviv carried out an October airstrike on the Sudanese capital.

"Israel is our enemy, our number one enemy, and we will continue calling Israel our enemy," he said in Riyadh where he has received medical treatment.

On October 24, Osman informed the media that four Israeli warplanes had attacked Yarmouk Ammunition Factory in Khartoum and killed at least two people.

Hundreds of Sudanese staged a demonstration in Khartoum on the same day to condemn the strike.

Sudan has also asked the United Nations Security Council to condemn Israel for violating the country's sovereignty.