Initial Sighting Reports Indicate TWO Meteor Events

05 November 2012 - Melanie Downey, Leominster, MA 20:42:00
4 secs duration - North to south. Bright white, including trail. Brighter than Venus, remained bright for 3 secs until it trailed off.
05 November 2012 - Kathy, White Plains, NY, US 20:35 EST
Approximately 3-5 seconds duration - I was driving West and noticed a large white ball, traveling possibly from N-E towards S-W. I was in a car, so I didn't hear anything. Bright as Venus... had a bring white tail following it. It was awesome.
05 November 2012 - John Cumberland,RI, US 20:30:00
8 secs duration - I was facing East, saw it go from right to left. Fireball was flying then exploded. Five times as bright as Venus. Yes, there seem to have been fragments, especially after exploding. Seems to have been near the Taurus constellation.
05 November 2012 - Josh Cronin, Malden, MA 8:24:00
5 secs duration - I was facing south, it was traveling north to south. Reddish-yellow flare. It was really quick, then flare died out.
05 November 12 - Manny, Bloomfield, NJ, USA 17:17:00
3 secs duration - North to East. Facing New York, Manhattan. Very bright, same as the sun. Fell somewhere in Manhattan?
5 November 2012 - C Venezia, Wilmington, MA, USA 17:20 ET
2 seconds duration - Middle-low sky to horizon. Left to right direction, greenish yellow colour. Pretty bright - larger/brighter than Venus.
05 November 2012 - Amy Cohen, North Brunswick 17:25
2 secs duration - Northeast towards East or Southeast. White streak. Very bright, like the moon.
05 November 2012 Yvonne Windsor, CT USA (East of I-91) 5:23pm ET
Full second duration - Just above tree line. I was facing east. Object traveling 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock, or north to south. Light green, no sound. Venus bright. No fragments. Occurred during rush hour and just after sunset-very bright.
05 November 2012 - Marina M., Boston, MA, USA 5:50 pm approximate EST
3 seconds duration - N-S trajectory. White, brighter than moon.
05 November 2012 - Brian Lemire E. Hampton, CT, USA 17:25:00
3 seconds duration - Left to right, falling downwards N-NE. Orange ball with flaming tail. No sound. Brightness of the moon. No fragments.
05 November 2012 - Anne Pembroke, NH, USA 17:20
2 secs duration - N-S direction. I was facing south. Yellow white colour. Same brightness as the sun. No fragments, but it had a tail. It seemed pretty big, I've never seen one that large or that close.