Initial Sighting Reports

08 November 2012 - Sarah, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada 21:12:00
Approx 4 secs duration - Western trajectory. Large, white, bright ball falling and the faded out moon... had what looked like a tail, it faded out slowly and was very big.
08 November 2012 - Braeden Miller, Tottenham, ON, Canada 21:07:00
3 secs duration - Facing north, went down to the left. Yellow sparks, brighter than the moon. Noticed it while inside watching TV. Looked similar to a sparkler. Was the brightest meteor I've ever seen. It surprised and startled me. Seemed to last a few seconds.
08 November 2012 Rick Lash, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 21:05:00
5 seconds duration - Facing north, traveling overhead, down toward northern horizon. Green colour, bright as Venus. Not obviously bearing straight downward.