Initial Sighting Reports

08 November 2012 Dawn, Kissimmee, Florida 21:00:00
5-10 seconds duration - Facing north, [it passed overhead] on my right. Primarily red ( fire tail ), very bright... moving fast, disintegrated. This was very large and very bright! Moving fast with long fire tail... amazing!
08 November 2012, Dee, Asheville, NC 8:50pm est
5 sec duration - E-W direction. Facing south. Light green hue. From 300ft saw fall area, 14 acre empty area.
08 November 2012 - William Mull, Maiden, NC, USA 20:40:00
2.5 sec duration - E-W direction. Facing south. Bright white, very bright. Long tail. It appeared to be on a downward trajectory. One of the largest I personally have ever seen.
08 November 2012 - Love Dearth, Spring Hill, FL, USA 8:40 PM Eastern Standard
3-5 seconds duration - E-W direction, right to left. Facing North. Bright looking ball with good trail. Looked awfully close. No noise. As bright as the moon. Either largest or closest I have ever seen.