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Initial Sighting Reports

08 November 2012 - Tim Hunter, Fort Collins, CO., USA 11:30 pm MST
4-7 seconds duration - Direction was from Southwest to Northeast. Very bright, [like a] cutting torch.
08 November 2012 - April Medley, Clovis, New Mexico, USA 23:00 Mountain Time
20 seconds duration - Started above my house, went from South to North, I was facing North. White flash then saw a large falling "fireball" which had many large and visible fragments, latent visual trail was visible for about 20 seconds. Very unusual and large, seemed close. 5 minutes later I heard a large "boom" in the direction the body traveled. White light like other stars but brighter than all others I could see.
08NOV2012 L. Cronin Wheat Ridge, Colorado, USA 22:59 Mountain Standard Time
~3 secs duration - Facing due south, event traveled North-South. Bright green streak in the sky, no sound heard as I was in a car. Brighter than the moon. Streak almost vertical.
08 November 2012 - Shannon Cornett, Coolidge, AZ Mountain Time 10:58pm
4-5 seconds duration - I was driving East and it went from my right to left, glowing green, bright green florescent. I was in a vehicle so I didn't hear any sound. It looked almost like sparks, very bright glowing green light. I can draw what it looked like or similar! Wow, the sight was unbelievable, I can't even explain how it was, wow!!