The chunk of ice that fell from the sky in Croatia
Croatia - An unusual event happened in Saturday in sunny Istria. Out of the blue at 6.20 PM a large chunk of ice fell and scattered on the meadow. Witnesses said the ice was about half a meter in height, long and wide about a meter and 300 - 500 kg heavy. It fell about 10 meters from the nearest house and a couple of meters from the main road.

Witnesses heard a noise they described as a flock of birds flying, baloon filled with hellium, or a missile crashing, and when the ice slammed the ground, crowd of local residents saw parts of the ice on the lawn.

Edi Ritoša was the first to come out to see the ice and five minutes later contacted Korade Korlević over whom we found out about it. As we arrived to the village, ice was melting and the kids was happy.

All originates from the plane

"It's a real miracle no one was hurt", they commented.

A head observatory of Višnjan, Korade Korelić, said that it is possible an ice fell from the airplane flying at that moment. ,An ice originated from a faulty toilet. When an airplane has a proper toilet, droplets scatter in the atmosphere, but if the toilet is faulty, a water is forming below and freezes, and the chunk becomes too heavy and then falls on the ground", Korlević commented.

In Pula airport said that a couple of airplanes landed at that particular time, but according to unofficial information none of the captains reported a failure. But if the size of this ice chunk fell from the airplane, the airplane itself would fell. In Great Britain, an Istrian newspaper writes, 35 out of 3 millions flights report an ice chunks, and in forty years five people was hit by ice.