Canada - On the last day of summer, a few rogue snow flurries were actually spotted in Winnipeg Friday.

But Environment Canada's senior climatologist is sticking to his story.

Dave Phillips says Manitoba is still headed for a warmer-than-normal fall.

Phillips said after one of the hottest summers ever across Canada, Manitoba's lakes, rivers and the land are still very warm.

"There's a lot of residual heat that may certainly keep us warm as we move into October," he said.

That's certainly true in the short term, he added.

"Over the next few days nothing but that great Manitoba sunshine wall-to-wall."

Phillips is forecasting October to be warmer than normal, with normal to less-than-normal precipitation.

A word of advice though: it's not going to be hot.

"We are not talking about muscle shirts and tank tops," he said.

And southern Manitoba may still see a dusting of snow before Remembrance Day.

But overall, the outlook is good.

"I think there's a lot of summer-ish weather left in the air," Phillips said.

He said U.S. forecasters are calling for warmer than normal winter on the prairies.

Even if it's a normal winter, Phillips said it may feel longer and tougher because of last winter's record high temperatures across southern Manitoba.

Source: CBC News