UFO over Boston
An incredibly spooky UFO was spotted floating over the stormy evening skies of Boston on Wednesday, which had multiple witnesses scratching their heads in amazement at the sight. What was it?

The unusual UFO sighting, which was caught on video and posted to YouTube, is notable because the shape of the craft is like no other ever seen before. There are no running lights, no wings, no rotor blades and it doesn't appear to be making a sound.

The unidentified flying object just hovers over the skyscrapers dotting the downtown area of Boston, its grayish color nearly camouflaged by the cloudy skies, making it more difficult to see against the background.

That makes for some dangerous flying if it is a blimp or other known kind of aircraft. The people standing near the witness filming the incredible sight are at a loss for what it is. Why is that?

It's reasonable to expect that residents of a large metropolitan city like Boston would be used to seeing all manner of aircraft in the sky, night or day. In this case, no one witnessing the eerie sight seems to have an explanation.

If this UFO video catches a new generation of surveillance drone, it looks like stealth technology is part of the game plan. But are American citizens going to have to get used to being watched by nearly invisible aircraft?

Whatever this truly spine-tingling UFO is, it's not something most people are used to seeing. That doesn't bode well for the future.

What do you think?