File photo of a fireball lighting up the sky in Australia last year.
Translated by Agni, SOTT Forum Member

An unusual phenomenon was observed during the night between 15th and 16th of July in the Glubokoe district of Belarus. Numerous eyewitnesses say that the bright object flew through the sky and fell to the ground with a very strong roar.

Here is what school student Daniel Buka told a Westki journalist about the phenomenon: "In the evening, close to midnight I've heard a roar, windows shook, trembled and there was a burst of bright light. I thought it was a car accident somewhere, perhaps a car hitting a tree. I went outside to investigate, it was quiet and no one around. And today my friend called me from Gatouschina. His sister was walking down the street at night, and saw something in the sky that reassembled a comet with a tail that flew towards our shops."

The unusual event was also seen by the villagers of Gatouschina. "I was on the road, saw a bright flash in the sky, about five seconds long, then it became very bright in the sky and it fell somewhere. I was driving, so I did not hear the sound, but my younger sister, who was outside at the time, heard a very loud roar," said local resident Alexander.

A strong rumble was heard around midnight by Czeslau Rudak, an engineer from the Mnyuta II village. "I heard it. Today I have began questioning people. Have you seen the ball-like light? After the light disappeared, about five minutes later an explosion occurred. I have a house and it started to shake, even the kitchen door flew open. It exploded somewhere around here," said Mr. Czeslau.