If you saw something strange in the skies over Tulsa County on Sunday, you weren't alone.

On July 8th at roughly 6:45 p.m., a man saw a cigar-shaped object racing across the sky, moving from north to south.

He said it then disappeared into the clouds, and he's sure it wasn't an airplane.

Roger Peacock with the Oklahoma chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, says they get reports of about 8 to 10 sightings per month that merit further investigation.

"We get quite a few sightings in Oklahoma," Peacock said.

Hear KRMG's Steve Berg report on UFO sighting in Tulsa County

He said the vast majority of sightings can easily be explained by normal, everyday events or phenomenon, but not all.

"You get down to that 20 percent where there is no explanation," he said.

"What we're looking for a lights like that that all of a sudden make a hard right-turn," he laughed. "Y'know that's going to set off the alarms."

He said his group hadn't had a chance to speak directly to the man who made the report of the sighting this weekend, but he said they plan to interview him to determine his credibility.

He admits that some witnesses are "kind of pushing the edge a little bit".

The man said this weekend's UFO was glowing with a bright white color except for a black band around the middle.