The morons at the airport in charge of our pretend security are now dipping something into travelers' drinks -- when they're well-past security. Janelle Ericsson reports at KJCT8 News, and Lisa Simeone blogged it at TSANewsBlog that passengers could be asked to let the TSA test their drink:
Yes, dear reader, that water or coffee or soft drink in your cup, the one you bought after you passed through the checkpoint, in the so-called sterile area? That could contain a bomb! And you didn't even know it!

Thank heavens the TSA is here to save the day. As they dip their little Magic Bomb-Detecting Stick into your beverage, be sure to smile and thank them. After all, they're Keeping You Safe.

It's telling that this article from KJCT in Colorado has elicited, as of this writing, over 1,800 comments, most of them assailing the TSA for the idiocy of this policy, and many of them relating readers' stories of their own about having their drinks "tested." Yet compare that to the response when a story is published of people getting assaulted by the TSA. The outrage exhibited over the latter pales in comparison to that over the former.

"Strip me, grope me, abuse me, molest my children -- just don't touch my drink!"

Ah, ain't it grand living in the Land of the Free?