Katie Holmes
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Former Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill wrote on the web site ExScientologyKids.com that Katie Holmes has reason to be afraid of what could happen to her daughter Suri.

Miscavige Hill, who is the estranged niece of Scientologist church leader David Miscavige, wrote: "My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and at times physically abusive. As a mother myself, I offer my support to Katie and wish for her all of the strength she will need to do what is best for her and her daughter."

According to the New York Daily News, Miscavige Hill recalled how she endured forced labor at a Scientology boarding school, confessions, detention and isolation from her excommunicated parents.

However, Miscavige Hill did not mention that Holmes was fully aware of Cruise's ties to Scientology, but chose to date, marry and have a child with him regardless.

Holmes, who filed for divorce in New York, is seeking sole legal custody of Suri.