April 2012

Suspected meteor's fate fascinates astronomers

'Unbelievable' meteor seen in the skies over New Zealand - residents report 'loud boom' from large fiery meteor

San Antonio Fireball leaves area residents wondering

First 'February Fireballs', now 'April Fireballs': Daytime Meteor Streaks over Texas

Fireball spotted over Lake Michigan

Trooper, motorist: Mysterious object fell from sky

Hundreds Report Seeing Fireball in the Sky Over Chicago

Really? UK Ministry of Defence Claims RAF Jets Rushing To Intercept Private Helicopter Caused Massive Boom That Shook Homes Across England

Meteor explodes over Pennsylvania? Big boom still has Poconos buzzing

Meteorite hits in Siberia? Strange Sounds and Powerful explosion could be heard

It's raining fireballs! April 2 Texas daytime fireball confirmed, another Meteor seen in Chicago Wednesday

Witness claims to see impact of meteor in Brazil [VIDEO]

Loud boom over Northern California and Nevada thought to be from meteor

Sierra Fireball Decoded - Not a Lyrid

Meteorite Hunters Find Fragments from the Recent 'Daytime Fireball' in California

Second 'Rare' Daytime Fireball Explodes Over US This Month, Van-sized Meteor NOT part of Lyrid Shower

NASA shares photo of meteor in Nevada skies

April 2012 Fireball Roundup + New Footage from Brazil

Mysterious object fell from sky in Litchfield, Connecticut

The Mystery of the "UFO," or Meteorite That Fell Into Bantam Lake May Never Be Solved

May 2012

Fireball Streaks Low and Slow Over Fargo, Seen From Several Northern States

Astrophoto: Meteor Fireball Passing through the Milky Way

Fireball appears north west of Perth, Australia

Fireball filmed over Peru

Fireball Blazes Over Paris

Unexplained sounds, flashes spark rumors in Roslindale

Mystery 'earthquake' boom near McCall puzzles scientists

Channel Islands mystery boom shakes buildings

Mysterious rattling and tremors in north Scotland blamed on aircraft?

Fireball, UFO, flare? US Airways Express flight crew sees mysterious object

Unexplained "Boom" Sounds, South West Michigan 5-27-2012

June 2012

Bright fireball seen from Queensland, Australia

Large Fireball Over West Oklahoma and North Texas

Large fireball seen in over Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Southern Ontario

Meteor Sighted Over Michigan/Ohio

International Space Station damaged by meteor

Green fireball streaks across sky in southern England

Unusual Sight Captured on Camera

Third daytime fireball seen in US this year, Meteor grounds air tankers fighting Colorado forest fire

Possible Meteor Streaks Across Colorado Sky Wednesday

Daylight Fireball Dazzles Colorado, Grounds Fire Tankers

Colorado firefighters hampered by winds, heat -- and meteors

Fireball sighted over Gloucestershire

On Anniversary of Tunguska, Meteor Plunges into Indian Ocean, Lighting up Perth sky

Alleged 'fireball' streaks across Louisiana sky

Perth Sunset Mystery: Was the Fiery Trail a Meteor?

Burning meteorite trail lights up Australian sky for 20 minutes after rock plunges into the sea

Fireball orb appears near Port Columbus, Ohio

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April 2012

NASA reinvents history to make increasing numbers of fireballs seem normal

Propaganda Alert! Defunct Russian satellite to ram into Earth again

New Comet - P/2012 G1 (PanSTARRS)

New Comet - C/2012 F6 (Lemmon)

May 2012

Meteor Shower Timelapse Seen from the Space Station

Meteorites Add to Explosion-like Sound Mystery

Mystery Object in Denver Skies Prompts FAA Investigation

Strange New UFO Found on Google Sky

Mysterious Rocks Burn California Woman

Mysterious sounds: More videos of unexplained "apocalypse sounds" roaring out of nowhere

Strange sound and strange object in skies over Sabinillas, Spain

June 2012

Best Of the French Meteor/Fireball Database recorded between 2009-2012

Solar Tsunami

Solar storms on the way

June 30, 1908: The Tunguska Event

Missile, UFO or cometary fragment? Thousands of people in Jordan and Israel witness spinning 'Catherine Wheel' in the sky

China X-files: UFOs Spotted at Space Rocket Launch