A possible tornado damaged 15 homes in North Port on Thursday evening, leaving one family homeless,

According to a news release from the City of North Port:

At about 6:30 pm Firefighters received a call of structural damage to a home from a tornado. When firefighters arrived on scene they discovered roof damage to a mobile home in the Holiday Park community. A flurry of calls came in from the Highland Ridge community nearby, and that is where several more homes received damage.

Three fire engines, three ambulances and three command cars responded to assess the damage to the neighborhood. While firefighters conducted a ground survey, the Sarasota Sheriff's helicopter surveyed from the air.

"The damage was relatively minor and there were no injuries to citizens or first responders," said Battalion Chief James Woods, "that's the outcome we want".

Only one family was displaced for the night, with enough damage to the house that the power had to be disconnected.

James and Elsie Hudson's home at the corner of Talbrook and Gable lost its roof in the storm.

"I didn't know what it was," Elsie Hudson told SNN. "When I ran to the back to the lanai, everthing was gone."

The winds had taken off part of the home's roof, and rain water was flowing into the living room, she said. The power was disconnected and the couple decided to stay with relatives.

The Red Cross was on scene to help storm victims, SNN Local News 6 was reporting.

The storm struck suddenly, and although the National Weather Service had been monitoring throughout the evening, inclement weather was not evident on the radar.