According to local authorities in north-eastern Takhar province at least 30 people were killed following flash floods in this province.

The officials further added Eshkamesh and Chal districts in eastern Takhar province were hit by floods and the rescue team have managed to recover dead bodies of at least 29 individuals.

Provincial governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa said a governmental delegation has been sent to the area to assess the situation and the rescue are still working to assist flood victims.

Mr. Taqwa further added the exact number of casualties are unknown and there fears that at least 50 people have been killed.

He also said Shera and Mandara villages in Eshkamesh district have suffered heavy casualties, adding that they have asked the natural disaster department in capital Kabul for assistance due to the lack of facilities in the area.

According to Mr. Abdul Jabar Taqwa an air support unit will also be need for the search and rescue operation.

This comes as another 30 people were killed following flash floods in northern Sar-e-Pul province last week.

Majority of the flood victims in northern Sar-e-Pul province were the participants of a wedding where a number of kids and women were also killed.