Austin, TX- Several KXAN viewers called Sunday morning after vibrations in a North Austin neighborhood woke people.

In a statement to the media, fire officials now say they believe the source of the strange rumblings can be traced to the Sunset Farms landfill.

"The source of the "vibrations" in Southeast Austin was found to be from the Sunset Farms Landfill at 9912 Giles Rd."

A flare that burns off residual methane gas, which is a by-product of the landfill, may have been damaged by overnight storms.

Rick Kieffer lives In the Harris Branch subdivision and says he woke up around 7:30 am to the back of his house vibrating. Kieffer says two of his neighbors said they were also experiencing the same unusual constant-rumblings.

There is no threat from the flare and officials are working to fix it at this time.

Another KXAN viewer named Mariano says he's felt the vibrations since at least 9:30 am.

At least one person said she experienced the odd vibrations Saturday when her husband woke to vibrations coming from the window. Elaine Perkins said Sunday morning she was awakened again, this time by vibrating doors in her home.

Thus-far, all instances of the mysterious vibrations have been reported in the Harris Branch subdivision.