Massachusetts, US: Roslindale may soon be called Roswell-lindale after a series of unexplained sounds and flashes of light were witnessed over the weekend.

Both Friday and Sunday, around the same times, residents reported hearing "booms" in the area of Zeller Street near the Fallon Field.

Some residents said the sound wasn't consistent with the noises made by fireworks during a July 4 celebration.

The mysterious blasts were reportedly heard from Dorchester Fields to Jamaica Plain, but no one had an answer for the strange phenomenon.

Locals reported that police responded to the scene, but found nothing.

Todd Johnson, who has lived in Roslindale for the past year, said the sound startled him and his wife.
"It wasn't like a gunshot, it was louder and deeper than that," said Johnson, who had his television on the first time he heard the strange noise. "It was like a cannon going off."

While others reported seeing a flash following the boom, Johnson said he only heard the loud noise, on both Friday and Sunday night around the same time.

"It's really weird; you'd think there would be some explanation or something," said Johnson. "With fireworks, there would be some smoke or the smell of sulfur -- but I don't think any of the neighbors heard anything about that kind of stuff."

On, people living nearby joked about the boom being caused by characters from the TV show "Lost" going back to the island, or a possible real-life "Fringe" scenario unfolding in the Hub's backyard.

Booms across the country

Residents in other parts of the country have experienced similar strange noises with no apparent cause in recent months.

In Wisconsin, people called police after they heard thunder-like "booms" and "bams" that officials could not immediately explain.

A 15-minute video on YouTube called "Mysterious Booms All Over U.S. Not Just Wisconsin Jolting People To The Bone," claims it's a conspiracy.

In the video, a person says they have been exploring strange sounds for the past two years, and reports of "loud, jolting booms" all around the country have increased.