Since the 1990s, there have been several legal entities created in France that are supported by the government whose sole purpose is to mandate what people can think and believe. These organizations have the capability (expressly designed into them) of bypassing and/or superseding any rulings of the European Court of Human Rights. These French organizations, for instance MIVILUDES, are essentially full-spectrum Fascism created and run by psychopaths and their Authoritarian Followers. Anybody who is discovered to have the slightest tendency to adopt alternative views is seemingly a danger because they are undoubtedly going to turn into an "apocalyptic cult" at any moment! The examples of the mass suicides of the People's Temple, the Solar Temple and Heaven's Gate are trotted out at the beginning of the 2010 MIVILUDES report, thereby making the label "cult" as scary as "Muslim Terrorist". (Never mind that those events were CIA PsyOps designed as a sort of '9-11' against non-mainstream thinking, the way 9-11 was designed to initiate the War on Terror. For more information check our recent SoTT focus articles.)

Particularly targeted by these organizations are any and all individuals or groups which advocate practices such as alternative medicine (including nutritional approaches to getting and staying healthy), non-mainstream cancer therapies, yoga, meditation and other stress-relieving techniques, especially if such discussions include scientific support. Additionally targeted are any individuals who discuss 'conspiracy theories' (especially about 9-11, but also including economic collapse and NWO topics), UFOs/aliens, psychology other than Freudianism (especially if such discussions include cutting edge scientific support; Jungian psychology is especially targeted), Earth Changes and cometary bombardments (especially if it includes scientific support), increasing earthquake and volcanic activity (especially if it includes scientific support) and more. All of these activities, or even thoughts about these activities, will get you labeled as a cult or a follower of a cult and subject to some pretty frightening procedures designed to "help" you reorganize your thinking more in line with what is accepted by the mainstream authorities such as the American Medical Association (AMA), Big Pharma, Big-Agri, NASA and certainly the CIA. Anything that is not handed down from those authorities is labeled "pseudo-science", no matter how credible the scientist or how accurate the research. In short, it is as much a war against real science - as opposed to the corrupt science that has dominated the world for the past 100 years and is used to support wars more than anything else - as it is against religious beliefs. Moreover, if you are researching religions (Bible scholars beware!), mysticism, ancient wisdom and alternative history, you are also a cult. And if you have no apparent cultic beliefs, it's just a ruse; you are just trying to appear like a researcher to lure people in, waiting to turn into an apocalyptic cult at any moment. The whole approach is reminiscent of the Bush gang's claims about WMDs vis-a-vis Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and I think you all realize what that kind of rhetoric led to.

The 2010 MIVILUDES report tells us:
The fact of offering people the possibility to search for mysticism, wisdom and a forgotten ideal world, all the while assuring them of happiness, can be an extremely efficient bait.

There exists as well the risk that current social topics may be used (such as ecological aspirations) in order to play on people's anguish and anxiety such as: frustration concerning the meaning of life, solitude, the pervasive anonymity and isolation, the lack of interpersonal communication and social acceptance, the need for the religious and the sacred in one's life, refusal of a crushing social way of life.

By feeding into this environment of social anxiety via the use of references to pseudo-scientific elements, even those which have not been verified, in reality these beliefs are a tool that promotes collective fear, with the purpose of exerting more power over people and, in extreme cases, this can possibly lead to a vital risk [risk of mass suicide!] for the members of the group, or to questioning mainstream society through more or less violent actions.
I think that the perceptive reader can see what this organization is set up for and what it is they are really afraid of: they are afraid of people waking up and recognizing that the lunatics have taken over the asylum! It is clear to any normal person with empathy that the authors of this report are inquisitors set up to defend the status quo of the rule of a pathological elite who are not fit to rule as evidenced by their psychopathic behavior and intolerance towards anything truly human and who are able (and have been able) to get away with the most outrageous human rights violations in modern day France.

Did you know that alternative medicine and homeopathy are labeled as cults in France? People have gone to jail and have had their children taken away from them for giving alternative treatments to their children even when they were told in advance by their doctors that the child's case was terminal and they would die even with the mainstream treatments (chemotherapy and radiation?!). The parents were destroyed for seeking something, anything, that might save the life of their child or, at least, not subject them to the horrors of modern cancer treatments. (See Maître Jean-Marc Florand, avocat de monsieur et madame de M, in French.)

Laws enacting restrictions on supplements and herbs is not all there is to it. At this rate of things going really south so quickly, you - the reader - will probably be experiencing first hand, in the near future, what we here at QFG/SOTT have been going through! This is not just about us; it is about what we have discovered as a result of our inquiry into the conditions that can support a jilted lunatic in denouncing as a cult a group of researchers who engage in lawful scientific research and publish it for the public to assess on its own merits, for free.


I'm from Costa Rica though my mother is a Russian physician whose ethnic background is Korean. I hold dual citizenship in both Russia and Costa Rica, and have been living in Europe for nearly 10 years. I'm a medical doctor with a specialty in heart surgery obtained from a European university in 2006. After realizing that my career as a surgeon was very limited and was not fulfilling my vocation to help people, I decided to stop doing surgery until I could figure out what was wrong with a system that was obviously helpless in terms of discovering what made people healthy as opposed to cutting them up only after their health has already been destroyed. I decided that more experience in family medicine would be a good way to expand my knowledge of what was most helpful to people at the practical, pre-surgery level. Since there was a local opening for a family medicine practitioner in their town, I joined Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadzcyk who are the founders of Quantum Future Group and with whom I've been in contact for years. (See my statement here.) With their support, I was able to enter a French University to ease the cultural and language adaptation and was fully supported by the local mayor and the soon-to-retire local doctor who were very enthusiastic about having me come on-board as a medical practitioner in the local area. (France is suffering a shortage of doctors due to its restrictive medical education system, so you would think that they would be happy to have European-trained physicians! But that is apparently not the case. As clinical psychologist, Andrew Lobaczewski wrote, when psychopaths take over a government, the whole system has nowhere to go but down, because in their efforts to micro-control everything they end up doing little more than repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot!)

While dealing with French immigration and the bureaucratic nightmare that is involved in having my education accepted in France, I spent considerable time working with the QFG researchers on many health-related issues. Due to my medical training, I could easily read and understand the many scholarly and technical papers that were needed to understand what was really going on in cutting-edge health science. I was also able to check the many health articles published on and add annotations when needed to clarify certain points for readers or to point out where the research was flawed or more was needed.


Éiriú Eolas – Irish Gaelic for “Growth of Knowledge”
During this time, I co-founded the healing, rejuvenating and stress-relief program Éiriú Eolas along with Laura Knight-Jadczyk and several participating researchers around the world. (That is to say, we did actual experiments on ourselves before sharing the results with the reading public.) Éiriu Eolas (EE) includes breathing techniques that stimulate the vagus nerve which is the heart of the parasympathetic nervous system, the healing, anti-aging, anti-stress system of the human body. The program not only relieves stress effectively, it also has prophylactic and therapeutic clinical applications which are well-supported in the scientific literature. It includes techniques that improve one's psychological profile through enhancement of neuronal plasticity and brain cell survival, which is crucial for maintenance of brain functions as we age, recovery from trauma, emotional adaptation and learning. Since releasing the early prototype of the program in July of 2009, the practice has been thoroughly field tested and proven to work by the thousands of people who are already benefiting from this program, available for free at It is beginning to be used in hospitals and prisons in the US. Best of all, the program was set up so that ordinary people could be trained to teach others and make their own income as EE teachers via a very appealing program where they would make 50% of the sales of DVDs which were modestly priced to start with (in addition to having the program online for free!).

Was there some nefarious objective in the EE program? I think it stands on its own merits. Indeed, we would very much like to see all of humanity learning how to control their stress, enhancing their recovery from a myriad of health issues, and even rejuvenating to some extent (yes, it is really possible!). Why are we interested in seeing this happen? Because we can see what is happening on this planet, that people are discontented everywhere, that they are stressed out and sick, and that all of these conditions contribute to the present state of warfare and killing that is going on everywhere. Selfish and cunning of us to want to help sort that out, yes? And France is so caring of its citizens that it wants to protect them from anything that might help the country reduce its suicide rate, its high consumption of anti-depressants, the dissatisfaction of its citizens and so forth. As I said above, when psychopaths are in charge, things go south very quickly because they keep shooting themselves in the foot.

The bottom line is this: We focus a great deal on health education and research in order to bring awareness of these subjects into people's consciousness. Not only has our own health benefited enormously, but also each individual (out of thousands of our readers) who has become much more interested in taking responsibility for their own health and food choices. We are very grateful to see that people all over the world are gaining control of their own physical and psychological health, that it is possible and it does work. That, apparently, is not to be tolerated by such organizations as MIVILUDES. Because, you see, what helps people at large greatly disturbs pharmaceutical companies and the governments that make money from them; they don't like people healing with therapies that don't involve the use of expensive surgeries and prescription drugs. As MIVILUDES itself has written in its report (this excerpt comes after they have described why 'PNCAVT' are so cultic and dangerous, two of the provided examples being Vitamin C and sodium bicarbonate used in the treatment of cancer):
From the examples and analyses provided in this text, we can summarize as follows the common characteristics of the PNCAVT (Pratiques non conventionnelles à vise thérapeuthique, or "Non-Conventional Practices for Therapeutic Purposes"):
  • Lack of scientific proof
  • "Simple", or even simplistic, explanations provided for complex processes
  • "Unique" means of diagnosing, allegedly self-sufficient
  • So called "natural" treatments, without secondary effects and relatively easy to put into practice, which can be cheap in comparison with traditional treatments, reasons for which the pharmaceutical industry condemns them
  • Methods put into place by a single therapist who does not feel the need for multidiscliplinarity
  • Promises of healing even in cases where conventional Medicine has failed
The Affaire
Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.
Les lois inutiles affaiblissent les lois nécessaires.
- Montesquieu
How I came to be interrogated by the Police Judiciaire in Toulouse - that is, how this all started - is described in detail elsewhere. Suffice it to say that when you help people to help themselves, you disturb the peace of pathological people who apparently have other agendas. We here at QFG/SOTT value the search for truth. Sadly, that seems also to be a high risk position in this world; especially in France, the alleged home of Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

As you will see from reading the previously linked article, we have been accused of being a cult in France by a former partner of one of our researchers. This former partner was not only abusive, he has "obsessional tendencies" (according to a court-appointed psychologist), he has admitted to having pedophilic tendencies, and to this day, he has not ceased from his threatening and defamatory attacks towards us. Again, you can read the details elsewhere. What is amazing about this is that, by the French police's own admission, this man is definitely not a model citizen (and they knew he had a police record, although they denied this at first). But regardless of that, his accusation was enough to make us the target of anti-humanitarian French authority organizations. One almost gets the feeling that he was just the excuse; that they had us in their cross-hairs all along. One certainly gets the impression that the 2010 MIVILUDES report was written with QFG/SOTT especially in mind!

I have to say that, in the beginning, before we began our own inquiry into who could possibly be behind this absurd witch-hunt, I was genuinely baffled that a "preliminary" police investigation based on the cult accusations of a pathological poor loser who can't let go of his victim was even allowed to be opened in France! I had believed the propaganda that France was a nation of rationality and thought - naively, it now seems - and had assumed that a breathing and meditation program based on science would be welcomed by a rational society. Little did I know that being accused of being a cult was only going to be the first of several revealing shocks about how things really work in France.

The "funniest" thing about this cult accusation business is that we do not have "beliefs". In fact, we encourage people to question everything, believe nothing, do research, and think critically. Quantum Future Group is set up to support scientific research. Its founders base their work on the scientific method - observation, analysis, testing where possible - and do not claim special access to Truth. We work very hard to exclude errors from our data and we think that our work for the past nine years stands on its own merits. But, as I mentioned, the MIVILUDES report seems to be custom-tailored for QFG/SOTT because they announce, early on, that any group dealing with ANYTHING of an alternative nature, even if they say it is scientific, is really concealing their true motives and can/will turn apocalyptic at any moment. (Those WMDs again!)

The problem, obviously, is that our health education brings growing awareness of the corruption of science in medicine which is responsible for the global-in-scale health catastrophe that we see nowadays. This is not because I say so. It is what is. I'm only reporting the facts if you care to look at the scientific data that MIVILUDES labels "pseudo-science" because it doesn't support the psychopathic agenda of making sure that the masses of humanity are sick and disabled so that the elite can keep them dumb and under control. The industrialization of foods devoid of nutritional value was the straw that broke the camel's back of our health, and this was only years after the Industrial Revolution that brought the pollution of the planet and the toxification of our environment. I'm sure you realize how "cultic" this talk is, according to MIVILUDES, never mind that it is cold, hard fact.

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!?
To renounce liberty is to renounce being a man, to surrender the rights of humanity and even its duties.
Renoncer à sa liberté c'est renoncer à sa qualité d'homme, aux droits de l'humanité, même à ses devoirs.
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau
As I said, I grew up in Costa Rica which some people mistakenly include in their listings of "Banana Republics." A Banana Republic is generally a politically unstable country ruled by a plutocracy (a small, self-elected, wealthy group who exploit the country) which definitely does not describe Costa Rica, small though it may be. Costa Rica constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949 and is the only Latin American country included in the list of the world's 22 older democracies. Costa Rica has consistently been among the top Latin American countries in the Human Development Index, ranked 62nd in the world in 2010, and is cited by the UNDP as one of the countries that have attained much higher human development than other countries at the same income levels. The country is ranked third in the world, and first among the Americas, in terms of the 2010 Environmental Performance Index. When I was growing up, Costa Rica strongly promoted tolerance for any religion or belief and also strongly promoted all human and constitutional rights. I grew up with the constant awareness of my rights both as a woman and as a citizen; even though machismo is part and parcel of Latin American culture, I was never inhibited in my professional achievements or personal freedom.

In Costa Rica we have what is called the Constitutional Court which deals with human rights and the appropriate behaviors of all institutions. Little did I know that the so-called "advanced" Western nations, such as the US and France (which are running neck-and-neck) were places where galloping Fascism would most quickly take hold.

As a primer to my account of being interrogated by a Fascist police organization in France, you might want to read the accounts of my friends with the police here, here and here. Now, let me make it clear: we agreed to these interviews because we were advised to do so by our local lawyer and also because we wanted to clarify the situation for the sake of everybody involved. After all, it was just a preliminary investigation and we have nothing to hide. We have all the documents to prove that our activities are legal. And we were still rather uneducated in regards to the psychopathic movements that have been gradually taking over France (as they have the US) for the past 30 to 40 years.

By the time it was my turn to be interrogated, it was clear to me that the whole process that was underway was totally unacceptable. I was particularly shocked by Pierre's account of his interview. I have no words to express how outrageously violated it felt to hear the kinds of questions that he had been asked! Most important of all, with this kind of interrogation taking place, why is an attorney not allowed to be present? If an attorney is not permitted, what gives them the right to compel me to be there in the first place? Am I being accused of anything?! That is pure and simple violation of human rights! Is this really how things work in France?!

Don't they teach anything about Human Rights, Freedom of Association, Habeas Corpus, Freedom of Belief, etc. in French schools? Isn't France the home of Liberté, égalité, fraternité? If that is so, how can something like this be done? The questions that Pierre reported and the attitude of his interrogator came across to me as not just unprofessional, but completely illegal. And if it is not considered to be unprofessional and illegal in France, then France is truly a "Banana Republic"!

I had the strong impulse to simply refuse to be interrogated in that way. If they want to arrest me, fine, I'll be on the phone to the Russian and Costa Rican embassies in about 2 seconds and we'll see how that goes! Nevertheless, I went to the police interview with an attitude that I was going to try to be as helpful as I could, but I was not going to tolerate any Fascist nonsense either.

Medical Inquisition
Every man has his dignity. I'm willing to forget mine, but at my own discretion and not when someone else tells me to.
Chacun a sa dignité. Je veux bien oublier la mienne, mais à ma discrétion et non à l'ordre d'autrui.
- Denis Diderot.
Let me say at the beginning that, after the interrogation, I was absolutely appalled by the ignorance and backwards attitude of the police towards medical research. It was not only jaw dropping, it was downright medieval. (Remember, I didn't know about MIVILUDES yet!) I'm supposed to be the one coming from a Banana Republic, remember! Actually, I'm willing to bet that this police interview would have never taken place in Latin America. From what I'm learning, this can only happen in the "First World" countries nowadays. That they have become what they preached and propagandized against for the past 50 or more years is totally pathetic!

The police woman with whom I had an appointment and who has been nicknamed "Captain Cockroach" in The Inquirer, greeted me at the Hôtel de la Police, Regional Toulouse Police Judiciaire (Service régional de police judiciaire de Toulouse - Midi-Pyrénées (SRPJ)), on Thursday 15th of September at 2 pm. She was about 15 minutes late, for which she apologized. She was polite and courteous and invited me into her office which was decorated with American and Canadian flags (no French flag). She was very tall and had a strong built body, and had the typical belly of a carb-sensitive person, that is, all her fat was accumulated around her viscera.

La Cucaracha explained to me briefly and in a very careful way why I was asked to be there: she was conducting a preliminary investigation to make sure there was nothing "off" regarding our activities, nothing related to the cult accusation that had been made. She wrote down all my personal details, phone, ID, etc. and then she proceeded to ask questions about my professional background.

I earned my degree as a medical doctor in Costa Rica with honors and a distinction (I had the second highest grade point average in my graduating class). I was also the first individual from my university who earned the degree with honors while taking all scheduled classes simultaneously. You see, some people take only 2 courses instead of the 6 courses scheduled in order to have a better chance to pass or get better grades. (The result of this was that I was also the youngest person in my graduating class.) To give you an idea, from my original class of nearly 100 that began the course of study with me, only 4 of us were left at the end. The rest failed at least a class, quite often several in a row in the first year. The actual graduating class consisted of an amalgamation of people who started the course of study earlier (as a different class) but graduated with me because they delayed courses or failed them.

I then went to Italy in order to do a specialty in heart surgery, which I completed in 2006, also with honors. I was the first Costa Rican woman who did this specialty in Europe. I finished up my surgical residency in Spain and stayed there on a fellowship in cardiac surgery before coming to France. Along the way I became fluent in Italian and French. I'm also fluent in English since my Costa Rican school education was bilingual. I know the basics of Russian which is my mother's native language and which is my second nationality, and Spanish is my mother language.


It takes a great deal of discipline and sacrifice to be a heart surgeon and most people have simply no idea what it means to have that kind of responsibility (including some heart surgeons themselves!).
Now, just so you have an idea of my level of experience, I did at least 2 surgeries per day, 5 days a week, all year long except holidays (about 1 month) for 6 years. That's about 3,000 hands-on surgeries. I've been inside the bodies of more people than most people have ever personally met! Also, most cardiac surgeries last between 3 and 8 hours (sometimes longer depending on the surgery), so I was spending a lot of time seeing what was inside people and comparing that to their histories, diets, etc. It was eye-opening, to understate the matter.

I've given you, the reader, a bit more information than I gave Madame La Cucaracha, but you get the idea. My CV (it weighs around 2 kg) was offered to her in case she wanted to check.

Next, Madame La Capitaine inquired about my role in Éiriú Eolas and our health forum and research. Let me clear up a few things in case my statement gets tampered with or in case there is fabrication of evidence related to my statement. (The French police are known to have done this.)

I explained that we actually research and read a lot (which I didn't know at the time is actually labeled as cultic behavior by MIVILUDES!) and make our research available to the whole public for discussions and sharing of experiences. People learn a lot this way. We learn a lot this way as well. We have researched many subjects including psychology, pathology, and health, to name a few. There are quite a few professionals and scientists among us and our network. We know the limits of online communication and we always encourage people to consult their doctors or psychologists or authorities. We encourage people to do their own research and get informed, to think critically, and to keep an open mind and to share.

Next she asked - rather suggestively, I should mention - why it was that I left my job as a heart surgeon. This almost took the entire duration of the interview. It was clear that she was trying to determine if I fell out with my former colleagues or if I was influenced by QFG/SOTT to leave my wonderful career in order to do something that was worthless and cultic!

To my non-surprise, I realized in the end that everything I said that made it look downright stupid that such questions were even made was not in the transcript of my interview. The whole exchange was simply omitted and the parts that were left were the ones that could potentially be read in the most compromising way. Puts a whole new light on this talk ("In Praise of the Fifth Amendment Right to Not Be a Witness Against Yourself: Why I am proud to admit that I will never talk to any police officer") given by a law school professor and former criminal defense attorney.

She asked questions such as:
  • "How come you ended up here after such a compelling career path?"
  • "How much did you used to earn as a heart surgeon?"
  • "How much did your former heart surgeon colleagues earn?" [I think that she was rather disappointed to hear that my colleagues and I received miserable pay.]
  • "But you left your career due to the advice of your current friends, didn't you?"
The facts are that my choice of leaving heart surgery had nothing cultish about it, as I've already mentioned. Upon the announcement of my decision, the reaction of my heart surgeon colleagues was to encourage me to pursue a non-surgical path in case I like it better than heart surgery and my former bosses left their doors open in case I changed my mind and wanted to return to heart surgery. My family supports me and all of them have commented on how many positive changes they see in me and how much happier I am not being stressed by the grueling, thankless task of cutting people open every day who should not have to be cut open if they ate properly. My mother - who, as I mentioned, is also a physician - actually told me to be careful with corrupt people in medicine who don't like to be exposed, that I could get into trouble because of the nature of my job, such as exposing snake oil salesmen who make an entire industry on selling chlorinated water as a panacea. She was right in more ways than one! I just never thought that the country of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité would turn out to be the number-one snake-oil-salesman in all of Europe!

What I have learned since I left heart surgery has helped me to not only help many people avoid heart surgery, but has been a great deal of help to myself. My own health was being destroyed in the surgery environment, and mainstream medicine had no answers for me. That was, in part, one of the reasons I became dissatisfied with allopathic medicine. It is our research and the sharing of our results and experiences with others that makes me happy. I consider myself very fortunate to able to share my life with those that have the same goals. It is called Freedom of Association, a basic right of the European Convention on Human Rights, and France is violating it at every step with this absurd investigation and police harassment.


Galileo faces the Roman Inquisition who, without evidence, demand he recant his statements on heliocentrism.
So there I was, realizing that this police woman was not interested in the truth whatsoever. She was incapable of understanding the concepts of research and that our research is based on scientific data. I can actually pull out in no time mainstream science papers published in prestigious scientific journals backing up the subjects we recommend and discuss in our health forum. And that is not to mention our experience and the experiences of thousands around the world, including the experiences of other medical doctors and scientists that teach at the most prestigious universities around the world. Actually, some of them are even French! But this poor, backward woman interrogating me was so clueless, so inculcated by her MIVILUDES masters, that she simply could not comprehend anything I was saying. So even though Complementary and Alternative Medicine can be backed up by hard science, if you are in France and show interest in it, you could be labeled as being a follower of a cult!

Next Madame La Capitaine wanted to know about my own dietary changes and if I had eliminated all foods containing gluten from diet with an accusatory tone. Aside from the fact that it is really none of her damn business, I was again astonished by her ignorance. Say what?! It would be completely irresponsible and suicidal to not do so after discovering that I'm gluten intolerant. (And remember, I AM a doctor and capable of getting tests done and reading them!) The fact that she thinks my dietary choices could be incriminating me as a "cult member" is so completely absurd and bizarre I can barely process the kind of mentality that thinks that way!

Never mind that the evidence that the role of industrialized foods and gluten in causing or contributing to modern-day diseases is overwhelming and that mainstream doctors in France are for the most part clueless and backwards about it because almost none of them speak or read English and do not keep up with the cutting edge research in other countries. I have had exchanges with many US citizens who have reported that a lot of American doctors are reading the research and incorporating it into their mainstream medical practices. Many doctors now openly suggest the elimination of gluten and dairy from the diets of their patients in order to help deal with diseases such as San Filippo syndrome, a rare congenital disease. I've consulted with a local San Filippo association but I am unable to make recommendations. However, I have told them about the research that is going on outside of France which, as we notice, is rapidly turning into a Third World Country at least in respect to research and education.


Identifying and eliminating the foods and ingredients from your life that do not work for your body is the only answer. There is no magic pill to take to make it all go away.
I quoted to Madame La Capitaine the numerous scientific papers that I know off the top of my head regarding the role of gluten in modern diseases and she quickly dropped that line of inquiry. What is really sad is the fact, as I've already mentioned, that the poor woman herself had a "wheat belly" and she could not only improve her health, but prolong her life by adopting some dietary changes. But you see, making dietary changes in France is cultic behavior! Besides, if she gave up gluten-containing foods, she couldn't do her cannibal thing on Sundays - eating the body of Jesus and drinking his blood!

But alas, if we discuss these health topics and report our results, and others on an international forum also make experiments with their diet and report their results, which include controlling and reversing even the most persistent and debilitating conditions that mainstream medicine and Big Pharma has been unable to manage, we are labeled a cult.

Even outside of our particular forum, there are thousands - even millions - of people around the world reclaiming their health by informing themselves of what exactly is good nutrition, how to deal with environmental pollution, exploring their own psychology, and coming to an understanding as to why healthy living is discouraged (hint: Big Pharma and the Food and Agricultural industries). But remember, spending a lot of time in front of your computer researching things when you are supposed to just accept what you are told by your elite authorities and their minions, is cult-like behavior! We here at QFG/SOTT must be one heck of a cult since we spend up to 12 hours a day (or more) in front of our computers researching. And if we aren't reading online, we are reading books! My god! BOOKS! Next thing that France is going to do, I'm sure, is hold book-burnings! Just so you know, fighting for humanitarian causes is also considered to be cultist behavior in France according to MIVILUDES, and family members are encouraged to denounce anyone who does this to the authorities. A veritable witch-hunt!

For us, all it took was one perverted wacko who blamed us for depriving him of his favorite victim and who denounced us to the authorities as a cult. Well, it actually was a blessing because it has revealed to us how we've been living in the illusion that France actually valued science and good health care. That is now revealed to be a truly sick joke, no pun intended.

You can get into a lot of trouble if you recommend vitamins that are available without prescription and that are considered as supplemental foods. It is cultic and you can be denounced for it!

Madame La Capitaine next pulled out a list of supplements that she alleged were discussed on our forum. On this list were brands and supplement cocktails that I've never heard of before and that I'm sure are not discussed in our forum (I actually keep tabs on all the research conducted there). She had obtained information about her list from (right, because that is so reliable and comprehensive!) and she brought my attention to one that is not allowed in France - DHEA - as if we were in so much trouble for even discussing this on an international forum owned by a US non-profit, run on servers NOT in France?! Indeed, this is a supplement (among others) that is not allowed in France, but can be bought over the counter or in any food store in other countries! As I said, France is pretty backward and because they restrict the teaching of English, the French don't even have a clue what is really going on around the world.

She asked:

"Does any one of you take DHEA?"

People, do you hear that? You can be arrested and prosecuted for taking a supplement in France! What's more, if you think it's a good idea to take a supplement - even if you don't actually DO it - you are a cult! Can you imagine the scientific ignorance behind such an attitude?

As it happens, no, none of us take DHEA. But, since it has been brought up, let me just inform the readers what this deadly supplement does!
What is DHEA?

DHEA, the abbreviation for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a steroid hormone. You might say that it is a "chemical cousin" of estrogen and testosterone. Indeed, these two hormones are made from DHEA.

DHEA is made from cholesterol by the adrenal glands.

It helps form the hormones estrogen and testosterone. It is also responsible for body functions such as fat and mineral metabolism, and stress control.

More recently, a number of health claims have been made for DHEA. DHEA may be an "anti-aging" agent, because restoring its levels to those found in 20-year-olds appears to have a rejuvenating effect.

It is also said that DHEA can prevent or delay the onset of cancer, the hardening of arteries, lethal viral infections, lowered immunity, obesity, and diabetes.

Some of the more interesting research and theories on DHEA have come from C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., who has been studying this hormone for years. In his research, he has discovered that low levels of DHEA (along with low levels of the mineral magnesium) are found in nearly all diseases, and that the only diseases associated with normal levels of DHEA are schizophrenia and alcoholism. In one of his studies, Shealy looked at DHEA deficiency in chronic pain and depression (J. Neurol Orthop Med Surg 17, no. 6 [199]).
She asked if we discussed DHEA in our forum even when it is not allowed in France. I answered that it is allowed in the US and it is an international forum. I also told her that I was well aware of the precautions needed to take DHEA and that I think that people should consult their doctors before taking it. The books we recommend also say as much. None of this exchange made it onto the transcribed statement.


Yours Truly, guilty of being a Non-Authoritarian Follower.
They are really coming down on herbs and alternative treatments here in France. What occurs to me at the moment is the idea that those items that are particularly prohibited in France must be among the most useful for restoration of health in many individuals. (There you have it, a conspiracy theory and alternative health idea all in one sentence; unrepentant cult member I guess!)

Madame La Capitaine then asked: "Do you recommend medicines in the forum?"

I told her that we do not prescribe in our forum, that we share research and discuss; people are free to make their own choices and experiments.

The next question took me off-guard: she asked me if we recommended Dulcolax in our forum. LOL! Okay, for those of you who don't know, Dulcolax is an over-the-counter laxative that is even over-the-counter in France! Beware if your grannie recommends you a laxative after 4 days of constipation. Perhaps if Madame La Capitaine finds out, your grannie is gonna be in deep! You better go to your doctor who will probably be delighted that you consulted him for that and he can even prescribe a more expensive pharmaceutical if he doesn't say "go get some Dulcolax like your grannie said".

As it happens, on our forum, we have quoted a section of Dr. Mark Hyman's article on the Ultra-Simple diet that recommends Dulcolax if you get into severe constipation problems. See here and here. Are they going to convoke Dr. Hyman and accuse him of being a cult leader too?

Dr. Mark Hyman is a family physician, a four-time New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader in his field. Through his private practice, education efforts, writing, research, advocacy and public-policy work, he strives to improve access to Functional Medicine, and to widen the understanding and practice of it, empowering others to stop managing symptoms and instead treat the underlying causes of illness, thereby also tackling our chronic-disease epidemic. ... Dr. Hyman has testified before the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and has consulted with the Surgeon General on diabetes prevention. He has testified before the Senate Working Group on Health Care Reform on Functional Medicine, and participated in the White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness in June 2009. In June 2010, Dr. Hyman was nominated by Senator Tom Harkin (above, with Dr. Hyman) for the President's Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative and Public Health, a 25-person group to advise the Administration and the new National Council on Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health. ...

Dr. Hyman graduated with a B.A. from Cornell University, and graduated magna cum laude from the Ottawa University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at University of San Francisco's program in Family Medicine at the Community Hospital of Santa Rosa.
The next question was another howler! Madame La Capitaine asked if we recommended people to "detoxify so they can become more pure"? What?!?! She couldn't make it sound more New Agey!

The plain fact of the matter is that we are concerned with optimizing health for the express purpose of helping people to better cope with their ordinary, day-to-day lives! We are not the least bit interested in being "holy" nor do we even think that what you eat does or does not make you "pure" or sanctified in any way! The only issue is: does it make you FEEL better? Are you able to do your job, take care of your family, live without pain and suffering, and be healthier, by modifying your diet? What part of that can Madame La Capitaine NOT understand?

Well, of course, now knowing how MIVILUDES operates, we understand that we could simply be perceived as lying when we say we want to be healthier and are not concerned with purity. But that is rather contradicted by what we consider to be the optimal diet: the Paleo-diet, which places most emphasis on meat and healthy fats. If we were concerned with holiness as it is commonly understood, we would probably go vegan or something unhealthy like that. The truth is, we think that living an optimal life in the real world, facing reality as objectively as possible without beliefs or religious illusions is a form of holiness on its own, but it is certainly a non-standard approach, a scientific approach rather than that of a cult. But MIVILUDES says that even if we say this today, we are likely to turn it into some kind of religious dogma tomorrow because they are sure that anybody who disagrees with the dictates of corrupt science in service to power politics is harboring some kind of WMD. And even if they don't have them, they COULD have them, or could THINK about having them! And what bigger WMD is there than being healthy and smart and capable of seeing through their lies?

Next Madame La Capitaine asked if we used or recommended "sweat bags". I was genuinely baffled. What does that have to do with anything? It was a few minutes before I realized that she was referring to the FAR Infrared Saunas which increase excretion of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium) and fat-soluble chemicals like PCBs, PBBs, and HCBs. You can hear the account of a witness in the Gulf Coast area here and how detoxing and using FAR saunas actually saved her and her husband's life after they became gravely ill due to the Gulf Oil Spill. There is actually an overwhelming amount of material published in scientific journals on this subject and more and more doctors around the world are recommending them. But the police didn't want to hear anything that was not incriminating and, due to the ignorance in France, I doubt you will find a French doctor who will prescribe a FAR infrared sauna. Never mind that it can improve NYHA class IV to class II. In other words, you can go from needing heart transplantation to not needing it. Let's hope that La Capitaine - or someone she loves - never finds themselves in such a condition and in the hands of heart surgeons; I know whereof I speak, too!

Moving on, La Capitaine asked how many Éiriú Eolas seminars and classes we have given. Perhaps they are considering sending the Special Forces SWAT Teams in to raid any class that we plan? I'm not exaggerating. 70 policemen raided an organic farming meeting on suspicions of cult activities! More info in French here). I simply recounted the details about our weekly classes, our several workshops, etc.

She wanted to know about the meditation part of our program since it didn't sound very "scientific". She wanted to know why it had to be repetitive. These questions only revealed her ignorance of modern psychology and a number of influential scientific studies about meditation and affirmations. It is interesting how she was trying to label our meditation program as cultish, the one thing that helps practitioners the most, while remaining totally ignorant of her own programming via the repetitive nature of Catholic prayers.

Madame La Capitaine makes no secret about being Catholic and has, in fact, referred to our material as a heresy in a previous interview. Yes, "heresy" is being shouted out in the secular state of France! Never mind that we made it quite clear that is was part of a scientific experiment. I guess that she is also unable to understand the scientific nature of the repetitive nature of breathing and how breathing cycles and meditation can activate the anti-stress parasympathetic system.

Of course, she inquired about our role and responsibility towards vulnerable people, something we take very seriously:

"What do you do when there is a vulnerable person in your forum?"

I explained that our forum is one for research purposes and we are well aware of the limitations of online communication. People who are vulnerable should always consult their doctors or psychologists and we stress the importance of doing this continuously.

"How do you know or determine when someone is vulnerable?"

I explained that we have a number of experienced professionals on our forum as both members and moderators and it is their job to watch out for such individuals. Regardless of that, we know our limitations and if we feel uncomfortable with anyone's behavior, we advise professional consultation. We don't prescribe or diagnose in our forum; we research. We make all our research available to the open public. It is a forum for research purposes. Those who need professional care should seek the appropriate professional care.

I should mention here that we also regularly ban people from our forum who display the characteristics of mental or emotional pathologies. We may send a private message telling the individual that this is done for their own good and that they should see a professional counselor. In other cases, the individuals go on the attack against us and accuse us of being a cult for tossing them OUT! What kind of cult refuses vulnerable people and ejects other people who prey on vulnerable people?

However, the anti-sect organizations in France apparently think that literally everyone is "vulnerable" and "fragile in mind", especially if they are not satisfied with the mainstream answers and are looking elsewhere for answers! They think that you are basically so stupid that you better have nothing to do with any information that is contrary to their edicts of what is or is not "normal". It could be a cult! Their descriptions are, in fact, so arbitrary and broad that any criticism of any established authorities can lead to being labeled a cult!


Just take your pills!
Next, this obnoxious, ignorant woman had the nerve to ask me if I had ever had psychotherapy, with the strong implication that if I had, I was certainly not fit to be a health care provider. Keep in mind that France has one of the highest suicide rates in the whole world and in the week following this interrogation, three members of the French police committed suicide!

The fact is that it is the psychopaths who rise to the top who have no stress. Normal people who feel empathy and who have a conscience are the ones who are being crushed in this pathological society. To whom do French people turn to in order to get help for their sufferings and wounds? As it happens, the psychological sciences in France are as backward as almost everything else; they still consider Freud to be the only psychological authority! How Dark Ages is that? Most psychology in the rest of the modern world is NOT Freudian and more and more psychologists are coming to the realization - as Jung did - that Freud was a psychopath himself. Which means that psychological help in France can only add to people's suffering.

Worse than that, did you know that Jungian psychology or other non-Freudian psychotherapies can potentially be labeled as a cult in France? Yet it is books written by Jungian psychologists like Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Woman Who Run with the Wolves, that are helping millions of women around the world. If you are a woman who has been a victim of a psychopath - which is increasingly common in these times - then France is the last place to be because not only will you not get help, you will be blamed for being a victim of an intraspecies predator. I feel deeply for the woman at the center of this mess: all she has gotten from the French authorities has been more and endless harassment (as you will soon read when she publishes her account of her interrogation which came after mine!)

The bottom line is this: an abusive man denounces his ex-partner to the Inquisition (I mean, to the anti-cult organizations) and all the authorities treat him like a hero and treat her like she is less than human. When she points out that he is defaming her with lies, and further, he is an abuser, then she is abused even more for "making strong accusations". It is outrageous!

Back to my answer to La Capitaine. Actually, I've never received psychotherapy, nor has it ever been suggested to me by anyone who knows me and/or has worked with me. This was another question where I laughed out loud because Madame La Capitaine was so transparent!

At this point, I noticed in the file that Madame La Capitaine had on her desk and was flipping through, photographs of Laura's children that were not publicly available. That, together with the utterly insulting nature of the interview finished it for me. I had really had enough. I assessed La Capitaine as an authoritarian and a bully, with no capacity whatsoever for connecting the dots. She pretended to be helpful and good at times, but that just didn't work because it was obvious that the entire interview was biased from the beginning and her job was to find something illegal, however minor, in our activities so she could justify all the time, effort and expense put into this bizarre and ridiculous inquisition. My BS meter had been pegged on overload for awhile, and I really couldn't take any more stupid questions posed by one of the most ignorant human beings I've ever been forced to spend more than ten minutes talking to. Enough was enough.

I read the transcript of my statement (as I had been warned to do) and yes, sure enough, Madame La Capitaine had repeatedly and systematically misquoted me in the most compromising way possible. We had to spend another hour going through her transcript of what were supposedly my own words in order to fix it. She was very resistant to this process and I emphasized the fact that there was obviously a problem of communication because she had not written down what I had said. Some of the most important points I had made were not even in the transcript! When I insisted that they be added, she started saying things like "I'm a police woman, I know all your tricks", "I've never had a situation like this where a person terminates an interview", "your case is so full of surprises", etc.

Now, I thought I was making myself clear, but perhaps we should have done the interview with an interpreter so there would have been fewer problems of communication? She got frustrated and tried to ask me direct questions to prove that my French was fine and that I was just making up my complaints about how she had transcribed what I had said. I had to keep her on topic by reminding her that this is not a black-and-white situation (as she had portrayed it in her written transcript that I was supposed to sign as my own words) and that French is not my mother language and that I would like to add to the beginning of the statement that French is not my mother language (it is actually my fourth language) and that it will certainly affect the accuracy of the interview. Basically, I had to insist again and again that I wasn't signing my name to what I hadn't said. The fact that she tried all kinds of tricks to bully me on this was utterly amazing!

The Capitaine tried to distract me by asking why I wanted to terminated the interview, was I tired? Did I have health problems? At this point she had spent a lot of time and effort trying to get a reaction out of me or getting me to say anything compromising. I guess she doesn't realize that when you are trained to be impervious to anything around you while you concentrate on a body cut open before you, a body that could stop functioning with the slightest mistake, that her silly antics were just beneath notice and worthy only of contempt. I guess she didn't understood that I was just tired of her and no longer willing to endure her ignorance, her authoritarianism and how absurd the whole thing was. I knew she thought she was doing a great job and that her questions were so clever, and she had no interest whatsoever in the fact that I had never enjoyed such good health.

The fact that we help people because we care about others and we love our quest for truth is a bizarre concept in Madame La Capitaine's twisted world. It was clear that she has no interest whatsoever in the truth. She was only interested in trying to pin down something compromising for the judge.

I used to think that I had been trained to be a pretty good sheep thanks in part to many years in school and medical training. But if what La Capitaine said about nobody ever terminating an interview in her experience is true, then I have to say that clearly the French system gets top prize for producing sheep. NO person should be ever put through this type of questioning. It is a clear attack on science and it is just NOT normal; it's pathological! It is unacceptable. It is completely illegal and unprofessional.

Science Inquisition
'Salem witchhunts or McCarthy-like prosecutions will kill science. Science flourishes only in freedom... The only way definitively to establish conflicting results is to reproduce them. It may be that all of us are wrong in good faith. This is no crime but science as usual.' - Jacques Benveniste
While I was enjoying talks about the scientific backgrounds of homeopathy during my medical internship in Costa Rica, something altogether different was happening in France...

The Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins, the equivalent of the American Medical Association, was sending e-newsletters as early as 1996 to doctors telling them to be suspicious of alternative medicine and homeopathy because they are all cult recruiters. Between 1996 and 1997, the first French victim of the hepatitis B vaccine who ended up with multiple sclerosis appeared on French TV to expose the dangers of the vaccine. Also on the show was then Minister of Health Bernard Kouchner who said that his information was coming from a cult. So the possibility of preventing thousands of people from developing neurological disorders due to unsafe or inappropriate vaccines was doomed from the beginning, because - according to the constituted authorities - the information about this was being propagated by a "cult". You see, those who dare to speak a word against Big Pharma and the dangerous side effects of their drugs are labeled as cult in France. Those who see their lives destroyed by side effects of dangerous chemicals are silenced by being labeled as a cult. It's the handiest propaganda tool that France has ever developed in concert with the American CIA!

Just to make sure that nobody would speak up and say otherwise, an example had to be made. Jacques Benveniste who was considered by many as a future Nobel prize laureate, saw his research funding cut, then he was rejected by his peers, and finally was sacked from his job at France's government-sponsored medical research body INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale) immunology laboratory in Paris. His crime? He became interested in studying the memory of water and the ability of molecules to vibrate at very high and very low frequencies, a field related to homeopathy.

Renowned scientists who have treated cancer and AIDS with cost-effective treatments not sponsored by Big Pharma have seen their lives and their work completely destroyed. The case of Prof. Beljanski from the Pasteur Institute comes to mind. The place where he lived with his wife and secretary was raided by 80 members of a French special forces army unit, with helicopter and all. They told him "Monsieur, vous-êtes une secte" (Sir, you are a cult). They were only three people!
Natural approach for cellular protection from environmental toxins

[...] Dr. Coles tells the fascinating story of Dr. Mirko Beljanski (1923-1998), whose most important and controversial scientific discoveries were made during his 25 years of research at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Beljanski discovered that cellular DNA experiences a change of conformation in the presence of pollutants, carcinogens (mutagens or not), and many other molecules. Beljanski showed that all precancerous and cancerous cells contain DNA that has been destabilized to various degrees. He also discovered that two rain forest plant extracts, Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria, act at the cellular level to help the body rid itself of cancer cells. Beljanski published 133 peer-reviewed journal articles over his lifetime, including some articles describing clinical studies that demonstrated profound benefits to cellular DNA following ingestion of these plant extracts.

Dr. Coles illustrates how Beljanski's groundbreaking discoveries brought him scientific and political opposition beginning with the director of the Pasteur Institute, Nobel Prize-winning scientist Jacques Monod. Beljanski's greatest challenge came after French President Francois Mitterrand was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1992, during his second term in office. By 1994, Mitterrand's doctors had predicted he had three months to live, and he was in great pain and had started radiation therapy. At this time, Mitterrand learned about the Beljanski formulas. He began to take Beljanski's natural extracts of Rauwolfia vomitoria and Pao Pereira as well as a unique formula of RNA fragments recommended by Beljanski. To everyone's surprise, Mitterrand's strength and vigor returned and he survived beyond the end of his term.

Dr. Coles recounts that as French public interest in the Beljanski formulas started to grow, the French government shut down Beljanski's laboratories and confiscated his products from French citizens who were using them, which led to protesting in the streets. Tragically, Dr. Beljanski died before the European Court of Human Rights had ruled unanimously that his right to a fair trial had been seriously violated.
From The Secret Health History of François Mitterrand:

Dr. Mirko Beljanski, a pioneer at the Pasteur Institute in Paris
In a climate full of jealousy, pettiness and rivalries, it was impossible for Mirko Beljanski to ever be acknowledged as a contributor to the welfare of humankind. The establishment could not accept that one totally independent scientist could be recognized for his discoveries. They decided to take harsh action by depriving him of the one thing that he needed: his laboratory, "because," as Monique declared, "they could no longer deny the truth in results that proved to be so efficacious."

At 6 a.m. on the morning of October 9, 1996, the GIGN (The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group), trained to deal with violence, riots, and terrorism, in what was clearly an over-the-top operation involving one helicopter and 80 antiterrorist soldiers, struck. Interestingly enough, the GIGN were not the police but a French Army Special-Forces Unit (this implies the order came from the highest levels of the government). The GIGN, wearing flak vests, carrying machine guns and clubs, leading police dogs and blowing whistles, padlocked the entrance doors and closed down the Beljanskis' laboratory.

In an egregious abdication of their particular responsibility, members of the French media observed what was happening but remained silent. No effort was spared to humiliate Mirko or his research staff. But it was Mirko who was being martyred. The 73-year-old scientist was roused from bed, placed in handcuffs, and held for questioning for 24 hours with a bail set at an amount much higher than his entire retirement pension. He was not given information about his rights nor with what he was being charged. His wife and scientific collaborator at the Pasteur Institute, Monique, was put under house arrest in Paris, unable to leave the premises, use the phone to ask for legal aid or to know what was going on with her husband.

Again, before due process of law that would allow for charges and evidence and a chance to defend one's self - a fundamental human right - was allowed to take its course, the French Assistant Attorney General's Office issued an order recommending immediate destruction of all Beljanski products. As for the AMM filing documentation, the police went to the offices of the special consultants who were putting the finishing touches on the market authorization files and took them all.

The Beljanski products were ordered to be taken out of the homes of the people who were using them. The French authorities made their way from home to home using any information gleaned from doctors as to who was getting the capsules. They broke into homes, terrorizing ordinary citizens battling contentious illnesses, turning them into criminals. This marked an outrageous violation of basic human rights. The people would not have it. Confiscations occurred so that cancer patients were left without their support and unfortunately, some died so soon after their treatments were taken that the deaths can be argued to have occurred as a result of this basic violation - all occurring without any proceedings in a civil or criminal court.

All this happened without a chance for Mirko to defend his work. He was deprived of his basic right to confront his accusers. He was deprived of a basic human right to have a hearing before an impartial judge, and to confront his accuser (or accusers) and he was deprived of a basic human right as a result of the destruction of his laboratory with absolutely no due process. His passport was confiscated allegedly so that he would not be able to travel to another country, where he would have the freedom to continue his safe, nontoxic approach - something the French government denied its citizens.

By decree of bureaucracy, the biologist was forbidden from speaking publicly, from publishing his research, or from writing for the press. But this would not stop the public outcry or the advancement of real science. After having their Beljanski capsules taken away, patients flocked in overflowing crowds to protest, demonstrating in the streets of Paris and Lyons while carrying signs demanding: "We want the Beljanski products!" Beljanski was set to be put on trial without a date in violation of his basic human rights, but most tragically, he died waiting for a fair trial.
It is not only the most outrageous betrayal of Human Rights in modern-day France, it is also the most outrageous betrayal of Science. The French government shoot themselves in the foot by going after their very own scientists of the Pasteur Institute who had developed cost-effective treatments and solutions for incurable modern day diseases. This is pure pathological behavior!

Who Exactly Are They?
Every sensible man, every honorable man, must hold the Christian cult in horror.
Tout homme sensé, tout homme de bien, doit avoir la secte chrétienne en horreur.
- Voltaire.
In France, the U.N.A.D.F.I. (Union Nationale des Associations de Défense des Familles et de l'Individu - The National Union of Associations for the Defense of Families and the Individual) is dedicated to fight against cults. As noble as they sound, in their view, any organization whose teachings do not conform to the Catholic faith is a cult. Some of their "Human Rights Defense" is based on highly questionable psychiatrists. For instance:
Ted Patrick: former U.S. military psychologist, who adopted the brutal methods of "deprogramming" to reintegrate in the right way members of "sects" (kidnapping, violence...).

Dr. John Clark: Mind Control Specialist and former assistant of Dr. Lindemann of the CIA has been sanctioned by the Council of the Medical Association of Massachusetts for a person forcibly interned because of his religious beliefs. In 1983, he proposed a plan to get rid of the "new religions". Clark denounces legal barriers and liberal democratic societies that stand to thwart his personal views. His work is often cited in ADFI publications.

Margaret Singer: a military psychologist who had problems with the American justice system, which held that psychiatric reports were "value judgments disguised as expert opinion."

Dr. Louis West: He advocated the sterilization of blacks and Hispanics in the fight against crime. He is often quoted in ADFI publications (e.g. Bulles).

The arguments put forward by these psychiatrists raise the indignation of American psychiatry, who point out the obvious: they are marginal people with no genuine professional standing or expert status.

Dr. Robert Lifton: A strong advocate of "deprogramming", he is the author of a book on the ambiguous practice of doctors in Nazi concentration camps.

The A.D.F.I. was founded in Rennes (France) in 1974 at the initiative of Dr. Champollion and the Psychiatrist André Badiche. She immediately declared its commitment to the pseudoscientific theories of American psychiatrists: John Clark, Margaret Singer and Louis West, with the goal of the normalization of the society that would be in jeopardy because of new sects or religions.

[Sectes, religions et libertés publiques by Christian Paturel, Édition La Pensée Universelle 1996. Taken from L'UNADFI - enquête sur la « secte anti-sectes »]
It's just amazing that these French groups are basing their ideas and policies on rejects from the American psychological sciences!

An ADFI's report promoting the thesis of the marginal psychiatrist John Clark
© La nouvelle chasse aux sorcières,Thierry Bécourt
An ADFI's report promoting the thesis of the marginal psychiatrist John Clark
People have had their children taken away without due process (or with very dubious due process), have been defamed and had their reputations destroyed, and have been driven to commit suicide as a result of the persecutions of this organization.

For instance, psychotherapist Bernard Lempert, a specialist in child abuse, and his association L'Arbre au milieu was blacklisted as a cult. Among those who accused him of being a cult was a founding member of the local association from the UNADFI. Bernard Lempert treated a young woman who was anorexic and who was the daughter of one of the founding members of one of the ADFI groups. After her treatment, the young woman decided to move to another town to escape her mother who was clearly part of the reason she was anorexic. Said mother was convinced that Lempert was a guru that took her daughter away. Even when the parliamentary commission on cults recognized its error and even when a court judgment cleared Lempert's name, to this day he has still trouble participating in seminars about child abuse regardless of his solid reputation. (See The New Witch Hunt by Thierry Bécourt, in French) If your partner or a family member is even slightly deranged, you can become the target of this anti-cult organization. Just look at what family members or neighbors are encouraged to report as aberrant, cult-like behavior:
Information sheet of informers and surveillance (according the ADFI)


How to recognize a person in danger?

It may be that in your life or your family, you know a person's behavior is unethical. The ADFI has compiled a list of symptoms that will confirm your suspicions:
  • Modification of behavior, dress, vocabulary, interests.
  • Movements in France and abroad.
  • Meetings on weekdays, weekends.
  • Numerous phone calls, abundant e-mails.
  • Spending a lot of time reading or meditating.
  • Diet.
So if that person shows one or more of these symptoms, please check with the nearest ADFI to be able to help.

  • Record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons linked to the activities of the suspect.
  • Keep a log of events concerning the relationship of the suspect.
  • Observe the reading, vocabulary, schedules, names and surnames of those in the environment of the suspect.
  • Monitor places and suspicious activity.
Esoteric bookstores, yoga, health food shops, conferences and trade fairs, homeopathics and alternative medicine, Jungian psychoanalysts, sexologists, personal development, prayer groups, accompanying the dying, ufology, farming, religious communities, private schools, the course of artistic expression, Eastern spirituality, media, social scientists and independent scientists...
That is to say, any psycho who envies you or doesn't like you can denounce you! By the way, they also work closely with the secret services.

ADFI is only one of the anti-cult organizations. Another one is MILIVUDES:
MIVILUDES (Mission Interministérielle de VIgilance et de LUtte contre les DÉrives) is an agency of the French government tasked with seeking and harassing, and ultimately prosecuting, any group it deems to be 'fond of ideas not commonly shared by society'. And who decides which ideas are and are not 'commonly shared by society'? The MIVILUDES, of course...

But there is also FECRIS which is an organization that has 18 branch offices spread across most European Countries. The roots of FECRIS began in the 1970s. It used methods at that time and through the '80s, '90s and up to the latest case in January 2003, which are both extremist and illegal such as kidnapping and false imprisonment (for purposes of "deprogramming"):
While on the surface there seems to be little to worry about, there is a great deal going on in reality under the surface, which is pulling away the carpet of human rights right under the feet of Europe.[...]

Words such as "sect" and "cult" have successfully been used to scare people to look the other way. But now the ground is getting to bumpy to walk on for anyone. The label "sect member" is today applicable for virtually anyone who is disliked, since there is no scientific definition of the word, and thus the dystopia of Orwellian thought police can be said to happen right in front of our eyes. It is time to look under the carpet.[...]

France is nevertheless the first nation in Western Europe that has successfully bypassed human rights and created a law where you can be imprisoned for the wrong belief.[...]

French MP Philippe Vuilque told the National Assembly on May 30, 2001, that: "The next battles will be delivered against more professional, more discrete, more difficult to identify enemies... I think of certain NGOs, the networks of psychotherapists, certain groups which cure or fight against the devil gathered around a charismatic leader who refers to the Bible, to the Koran, to the Talmud...." [...]

FECRIS member groups record of discrimination throughout the years, with documented violence, restriction of liberty, verbal threats and derogatory statements is not that different from other hate groups[...]
Shadows of ponerization during Nazi Germany!
Wherever a society has become enslaved to others or to the rule of an overly-privileged native class, psychology is the first discipline to suffer from censorship and incursions on the part of an administrative body which starts claiming the last word as to what represents scientific truth. - Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrew M. Lobaczewski
Ties with Big Pharma and Monsanto

Some of these anti-cult organizations such as MIVILUDES, whose president is Georges Fenech, are not only unleashing a fight against spiritual minorities. They have other agendas. There is clearly much more to it than just that. It has become a matter of defending the interests of the pharmaceutical industry which is increasingly reviled by the public for very good reasons. God forbid their future profits will be jeopardized if people realize that they are sick thanks to the foods our governments recommend, the pollution and destruction which big corporations inflict on our environment, and the anti-physiological drugs that only compromise our health further by not dealing with the root problem. The small-mindedness that prevails in mainstream medicine, which has a hard time recognizing environmental medicine, nutrition and psychology as part of their education, is not a coincidence.

For Fenech "everything that is natural can be suspected as a cult." This remark should tell you what he thinks of the organic foods that grow everywhere in France as part of a growing trend toward an alternative vision of food, hygiene, health and society. The greatest danger for the major food groups, such as Monsanto and Limagrain, is the movements that promote healthy eating, wellness at all levels, organic products that are GMO-free, and alternative medicine.

Pierre Pagesse, president of Limagrain, founded an association named Momagri (movement towards a global organization of agriculture) in 2005, the main objective of which is to promote, among other things, agriculture based strictly on GMOs. One of the founding members of Momagri is none other than Georges Fenech - president of the anti-cult movement MIVILUDES. Are we surprised?! Other members have clear ties with the arms and war industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the anti-cult movements. In short, they are all in bed together.

In their 2010 report, the anti-cult organization MIVILUDES says that "natural" methods of treatment with no side effects and which are relatively simple to implement, are inexpensive in respect to conventional treatments and which are criticized by the pharmaceutical industry are often implemented by cults and their doctors and practitioners. In a mocking tone, they refer to cult gurus and practitioners who say that there are effective alternative healing methods that are suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry as "deluded and dangerous". You see, suggesting ties to BIg Pharma is a conspiracy theory that is based on delusions and is also evidence of being in a cult!

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The message that France is sending to the world
In short, any critical thinking or stance is regarded as cultic and incriminating. The majority of the members and associations who can be qualified as being a cult in France are precisely those who are less cultic than the average. Basically, if you are not an Authoritarian Follower, then you are a member of a cult. Despite the reckless disregard of basic Human Rights by France and the denunciation of such by the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations, France continues with its fascist plans of enforcing its pathological thinking and ways on the entire population. In fact, according to our new lawyer (a lone ranger in this awful system), French anti-cult organizations have actually accused the UN of having been infiltrated by a cult because of its critical stance against violations of basic human rights by France!

Yeah, read that again. It's the truth.

At the end of the day, it appears that France is a country where millions suffer and not only are their sufferings created by their government, they are discouraged from the simplest things that could help them become fully well, physically and psychologically: eating the foods or undertaking the therapies and stress-relieving methods that would ease their lives.

It is truly heartbreaking.

My advice to anyone in a so-called Third World country - or anywhere, for that matter - is to NEVER come to France. You don't know how good you actually have it where you are! Also, share our story with anyone and everyone: it's France today, it will be on your doorstep tomorrow.