Brown Dwarf
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A brown-dwarf has been discovered outside of the Oort Cloud, heading toward the solar system. Scientists are not sure how fast it is moving, but have narrowed down the perihelion to just 0.1 AU from the Sun sometime in December of this year.

"Weather patterns are changing worldwide," said Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin. "From HAARP to Chemtrails, now we are dealing with a force outside of our knowledge. This star's energy seems to be affecting Saturn as well, with consistent lightning storms and aurora."

Scientists at NASA are preparing to make a statement sometime in the next month about the object entering the solar system. The star is no larger than Saturn, and stands at only a magnitude 13.0 at the moment in the constellation Scorpio.

As the star nears the Sun this Fall, large coronal mass ejections will happen, according to NASA. "We are anticipating the real possibility that the magnetic fields on the Sun will interact with the dwarf star, giving numerous sunspot developments to the Sun," said NASA.

NASA will be developing special sun block lotion to protect from UV 10000 rays as the star's influence burns the ozone layer away. If UV 10000 is experienced, immediate human combustion is expected. If inside expect rapid melting of the roof. Set Air Conditioner units to the coldest possible to give an extra 3 seconds of relief.

If UV 10000 rays continue to be experienced, please try to call 911; that is, if the phone still works

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