Michigan, US - Ferndale Police are investigating what might have caused three loud booms and light flashes that shook homes and concerned many local residents Saturday night.

The booms were heard around 9:30-10 p.m. and may have originated near the area of Hilton and Marshall. More than 40 people posted on Ferndale Patch's Facebook page about the incidents - describing flashes of light seen in the sky, their homes vibrating with the noise, and helicopters heard overheard following the sounds.

A Ferndale Police dispatcher said last night at 12:30 a.m. that they investigated the noise but could not find its cause. He said fireworks were a possibility.

Ferndale Police Lt. Casey O'Loughlin said Sunday morning that he was not aware of any reports made but said loud booms can be caused by fireworks.

"That's usually what loud booms turn out to be are fireworks," he said.

In Ferndale, any type of fireworks that explode or leave the ground are illegal, he said.

O'Loughlin said he was not aware of any helicopters being sent out.

Here's what some Patch readers had to say about the noise:

Agnes: I'm at W. Marshall and Pinecrest and we heard them. The first one shook my house too. I also heard low flying helicopters. Once, right before the first and loudest boom and then once again after the third "boom". I went outside a couple of times . . . but nothing seemed to be going on. I wonder what happened?

Cindy: There's absolutely no way those were fireworks to shake people's houses all over town, first of all...and, this is the 3rd or 4th time we've heard/felt some type of 'explosion' with absolutely no explanation from police at all. When/how are we going to get an answer!?

Chris: I was inside the New Way...didn't hear anything due to the music, but noticed a very bright flash of light out the window. It did not look like any fireworks I have ever seen...much brighter.

Melissa: I was at the stop spot on 9 mile we saw the sky light up three times. It looked like lightening, twice south of 9 once north of 9 the booms followed. It absolutely did not sound like fireworks.