Just when you thought the inter-generational tyranny couldn't possibly deteriorate further, here is a piece that'll make you feel simultaneously ill, depressed and outraged.

Blankfein walks around professing to be doing God's work. I never thought God's work was a negative externality that subjected teens to predators in exchange for shelter.

Amazing how the innocent third parties were decimated by a handful of psychopaths so they can jet around in Gulfstream V's with gold faucets. (Hat tip Sax over at Chris Martenson's)
Anne Stattelman, Director of Posada, says that the numbers are indicative of Pueblo County's high poverty rate, reportedly one of the highest in the state. According to the 2010 Census, the county has the highest child poverty rates in the state, an alarming 31 percent.

Stattelman says over they years the rate of ten percent for students reporting they were homeless sometime during the school year, has been fairly consistent. Where she becomes even more concerned is the number of those who do not have a family is growing.

Stattelman says many teens turn to unsafe adults who provide shelter or basic needs in return for favors, including sexual favors.