The government of Syria has reported a brigade of 120 French soldiers part of a transmission unit came to support the rebels were caught by forces loyal to the Syrian regime in the region of Zabadani, after they took control of a key neighborhood in the city of homes.

The news of the arrests follow admissions from the Syria rebels to journalists earlier in the week that the US and France were supplying anti-aircraft missiles and other arms to the opposition forces.

So far French and western media outlets have not reported on the claims but instead have been awkwardly silent.

Given recent calls by many European nations to provide the rebels with ammunition and other support, the idea of foreign forces can not be ruled out.

In fact, there have been many rumors and intelligence reports that British special ops are in fact on the ground, directly and arming the rebel forces.

Earlier today the AP reported that the London based SNC, which has been recognized by the EU as the true representatives of people of Syria, was formed in response to EU calls to unify the rebel forces under a single umbrella so they could be supplied with European arms.

It should be noted that at the beginning of the civil war in Libya, which saw the fall of Gaddafi, the loyalist troops had arrested eight members of the British intelligence services initially before releasing them.

For those who have been following the crisis, it is quite clear western forces are following the steps they used to sack Libya.

Ahram Online, the English-language news web site published by Al-Ahram Establishment, Egypt's largest news organisation, also reports on the captured French Troops , quoting a Lebanese parliament member who says Lebanon troops were arrested alongside the French.
18 French officers and 100 paratroopers captured in Homs, a Lebanese MP claims

A Lebanese parliament member, Asem Konsoa, claims that the French are interfering in Syria's politics, citing 118 French military caught in Homs fighting alongside rebels

A pro-Syria Lebanese Member of Parliament (MP) accused France of secretly sending troops to Syria.

The Lebanese Baathist MP Asem Konsoa claimed that the Syrian regime forces arrested 18 French officers and 100 paratroopers, along with 70 Lebanese for joining and fighting within the ranks of the protesters in the restless city of Homs.


Source: Ahram Online