An intrepid YouTuber has unearthed a strange object on Google Maps which looks like a UFO on a landing strip in Yuma, AZ. What is it?

The image below shows what looks like the classic ET mothership from above as seen in the aerial view over the Yuma Proving Ground, an airstrip and government hangar facility near the city in Arizona.

Whatever it is, it doesn't resemble any known aircraft or ground markings. Is there a secret project going on? Why in such a remote location? No matter the purpose, this image is sure to spark the imagination of UFO hunters around the world.

The video has no commentary, just a walk-through of the user zeroing in on the unidentified object at coordinates 32.866436,-114.385992 in Google Maps.

A little investigation reveals that the area is used by NASA for research, but it's not clear what they are investigating. Could it be a secret program to reverse engineer alien technology?

No matter what it is, it's the strangest find on Google Maps in a while.

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