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I was thinking about the state of the world yesterday, having gotten off the phone with my sister. She was once again reminding me that even though she and her husband both work, they barely make it most months and things just keep getting worse. She said that they feel they have no connection to anything, since fewer things just make common sense - that she has no control - that no matter how hard they work, for so many years, the rules keep shifting and the liars keep making more money while normal people drown a little more every day. She's right. The rules have changed and they changed while no one was watching. In fact, I'd say they changed because no one was watching.

My favorite news site,, is holding a fund raiser right now and when I think fundraiser, I think money and when I think money I think lack, because for most of us these last ten years have ensured one thing - we have less money now than we did then. We have less because while we weren't paying attention, a bunch of pathological politicians and business men pulled the carpet out from under us, lining their own pockets on our loss. A big part of why we weren't paying attention is that it's easier to find hen's teeth than it is to find unbiased objective news and analysis of the world and what's really going on. It's even harder to find a source that intelligently combines apparently disparate events and shows how they are linked together. It's hard to blame people for not paying attention when the only information that is easily accessible is entertainment news. There is something deeply - deeply - wrong with the fact that you hear more about Whitney Houston than you do about how much you're paying to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq - or how likely a new war with Iran really is. That's why matters.

Then I thought about the fact that truth matters, not in a theoretical way, but in a real life way. If we don't know what's really going on in the world, that means we have no connection and no control, just like my sister said. That means we have nothing to fight with, nothing to build on and nothing to use to navigate these increasingly dangerous waters. It matters that we pay attention. It matters that we try to figure out what's going on. It matters that we accept the truth as the truth and point out the lies we're being told every day in order to keep us where we are, or worse. It matters because we're alive right now - this is our world - these are our children and no one else is going to clean all this up for us. It's up to us. That's why matters. That's why the research the team produces and publishes for free, matters - because it gives those of us trying to make some sense out of this increasingly insane world a source of information that we can trust and turn to for a guidepost or two along the way.

Speaking of guideposts, at the end of this article is an abbreviated list of the research the team has published over the last three years, since the last time they raised their hands for a fundraiser. That's why I'm donating what I can to, and my sister too. Nothing is going to get us out of this other than the truth - because it's lies that got us into this - and we are all swimming in lies, thanks to the mainstream media and their 'infotainment'. Oh, one other thing about that conversation with my sister... she told me that my niece was reading The Lorax by Doctor Seuss just the other day. She really liked this part:
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

2009 to 2012, Works (last three years):

All of the following work was made possible by YOU, the reader and supporter of SOTT! (If you have read them all, skip to the bottom for the photo album!)

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Portrait of a young psychopath
Connecting the Dots: A smashing anniversary for the Signs of our Times
The Butchering of Gaza Nazy Germany Revisited
Truth to Power Pscyhopaths Rule Our World
Water for Oil The Devil's Bargain for Natural Gas
Israeli Brutality in Broad Daylight: A Chemical Weapon Attach on Palestinian School Children
Connecting the Dots: Mass Depopulation on its way and the Secret Team's Management of the World.
Cry Weapons Smuggling and Let Slip the Dogs of Deception
Connecting the Dots: The Axis of Evil Closes in on Iran's Nuclear Sites
Connecting the Dots: The Mass Poisoning Begins
Reviving the War of Terror, Patsy Framed
Connecting the Dots: Global Warming Gaffe Flukraine's Folly, Mossad Mendacity
For Daring to Resist Establishment Science 1000 Arrested in Copenhagen
Highest Ever Reinforced Building Imploded, Really!
My Fellow Americans Why There are No Terrorists Seeking to Bring down our Country
The Underwear Bomber Crushing Freedome with Phony Arab Terrorism
Connecting the Dots: 2009 Year in Review
Arun Gandhi and The Jews

One question you might want to ask yourself after reading just a random selection of the above well-researched and written articles by SOTT: why are other Alternative websites not availing themselves of this wealth of material? Why is there an apparent unspoken moratorium on SOTT? Oh, indeed, much of SOTT's research appears in other guises elsewhere after SOTT has published it, but almost never is SOTT mentioned, linked, or acknowledged. What's more, the material often has taken on certain twists that impose different meanings and emphases on the topics. Why would that be, you might ask?

Some Highlights During 2011

This is just a sampling of the activities that the supporters of SOTT (YOU!) make possible! Thanks to our readers/supporters, we've been able to purchase decent computers, video equipment, and have the time to devote to research and complex, projects. You allow us to have the tools, WE GIVE OUR TIME AND TALENTS/ABILITIES FOR FREE. While QFG/SOTT does sell books and videos, everything is ALSO posted online for FREE. So when you give to SOTT, you are giving to help the whole world gain knowledge and awareness. That means that virtually everything you give to QFG/SOTT ultimately is passed on to everyone, including BACK TO YOU!

Laura Knight Jadczyk filming interview
© A&L JadczykThe QFG/SOTT team setting up to video an interview in Spanish/English.
Laura Knight Jadczyk filming interview
© A&L JadczykThe interview is conducted in English and Spanish and lasts for about five hours. It's gruelling work.
Laura Knight Jadczyk filming interview
© A&L JadczykThe QFG/SOTT Spanish interpreter listens intently so as to provide an accurate translation voiceover.
SOTT Team Construction
© SOTTThis year, the SOTT team finally had to deal with the crumbling walls of their work space. With limited funds, they had to do the work themselves.
SOTT Team Construction
© SOTTFresh plaster and paint thanks to our supporters and the labor of the QFG/SOTT team.
SOTT Team Construction
© SOTTEven while doing repair work, SOTT has to stay current with online events; all computers are running and able to be accessed remotely from laptops.
QFG Legal Issues
© SOTTQFG/SOTT waiting in the lawyer's office with a suitcase full of documentation.
Laura Knight Jadczyk at Barcelona
© A&L JadczykThe QFG/SOTT Team in action. Laura stood on her feet and spoke for 6 hours at the Barcelona Conference while the team handled the cameras and other support activities.
Laura Knight Jadczyk at Barcelona
© A&L JadczykLaura shares several years worth of research findings.
Laura Knight Jadczyk at Barcelona
© A&L JadczykThere were two video teams and the videos will soon be available.

© SOTTLaura and Ark entering the Toulouse police station for their 6.5 hour long interrogation on Dec 15th, 2011.
Additionally, during 2009 and 2010, there has been the production of:
Éiriú Eolas Breathing and Rejuvenation Program
Dot Connector Magazine
... and The Sott Report
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