So here we are, 2012, the year when it all comes to an end... or so a lot of people have been led to believe. The idea that a specific day, December 21st 2012, has been ear-marked by fate or god or whoever as the 'end of the world' not only seems implausible in a universe with even a modicum of free will, it also smacks of a set up. The fact that so many people are aware of this 'prophecy', seems to be part of the same set-up.

After all, 'you're all going to die on December 21st' doesn't leave much room for self-determination, and, depending on the nature of a person's gullibility, serves to spread fear of an impending apocalypse or to ridicule the idea that serious earth changes are afoot. From an esoteric point of view, nearly all traditions say something along the line of "you will know neither the day nor the hour." That reflects the fact that, even though there ARE cycles of time, history, cataclysms, the Universe is still OPEN and human beings - the observers in the micro and macro quantum dynamic - do have some input into the outcome.

From a practical point of view, there are very few known factors that could wipe out all or most of life on earth in a single day. Oh, yes, there are factors that we have documented here on SOTT that can bring civilization to its knees, but the geological record shows that events that can take out almost every living thing at once are very rare. Rare, but not impossible.

You may have noticed that one of the main reasons for all of the war-mongering and posturing over the last 11 years is to keep the masses occupied and in a state of fear and distracted from this very real and much more potent threat to ALL life on planet earth. This constant fear and stress can destroy the mind and body and it seems that this is exactly what it is intended to do. As Ivan Pavlov proved, transmarginally inhibited dogs are much easier to program and control.

So, needless to say, it is crucial that we all pay attention and learn what is real and what is not, and more than that, what to DO! This is where can be an invaluable resource for all of those who sense that something 'big' really is on the horizon for our planet and every living thing on it. is, and always has been, dedicated to figuring out, as far in advance as possible, the precise nature of our reality and the future that awaits us, and making the results FREELY available to ALL.

The objective is to keep our finger on the pulse of our reality so that we - and all of our readers - can have some idea of what is coming down in order to be prepared. After all, knowledge protects, being forewarned is being forearmed. was the first alternative news aggregator/commentary site that pointed out the obvious: that psychopaths rule our world. Today, it is common knowledge in the alt-news/truth communities. SOTT was the first to research and write about Ethnic Specific Weapons after we pulled on a loose thread we found in the David Kelly murder. SOTT was the first alt-news website to come right out and say that Israel dunnit vis a vis 9-11. And, of course, against the most unbelievable resistance, we have been researching cometary disasters that have occurred repeatedly on our planet and may be in the cards in the near future.

So, we see ourselves as a lighthouse that constantly scans and illuminates the darkness. And we do it absolutely with no obligation to anyone or any organization; it's all about Truth that we want to know for ourselves and to share as far and wide as possible. We have turned down many requests from advertisers and groups and individuals who have offered to buy us out in one way or another.

But the lighthouse that is is in serious danger of going out, and we need your help...

Laura celebrated her 60th Birthday on the 12th February 2012. After a literal lifetime of dedication to uncovering the truth and making it available to the world, she might have expected that, by her 60th birthday, she would be looking forward to a peaceful retirement with her husband. Instead, she is being harassed by the authorities for telling the truth and faced with having her home taken away from her. Of course, many people suffer as much in other ways, and many suffer much more, but the repercussions in this case are that, if does not receive your help, a light of hope and truth for the entire world may go out and with it, one of humanity's few remaining opportunities to turn the tide of this cycle of history and shape a new future for all may be lost. We need you, our readers, to help to keep the light alive. And here is why:

Harassment By Authorities and Legal Action

As most of you know, over the course of several months last year, Laura, Ark and several editors were subjected to six-hour-long interrogations by the Police Judiciare in Toulouse. It was certainly exhausting, but in the end we think the interrogator was more tired than we were! There is nothing more energizing than speaking truth to power! Unfortunately, there is a sword hanging over our heads; we still do not know if we will be hit with some trumped up charge or not; after 10 months of the most ridiculous investigation that has ever been carried out by an alleged intelligent legal system, the case has been handed over to the judicial authorities and we won't know for some indefinite time whether or not they will manage to think up something to charge us with.

Who would have thought, 10 years ago, that people like us, you the reader and we here at SOTT - because we believe we represented all of you in that interrogation room - would be subjected to a police investigation just because we seek Truth and want to share the information that we have found with others seeking truth? Who would have thought that dreaming of a better world and trying to make it real would become a crime?

We are assured by our attorneys on both sides of the Atlantic that we are fully within the law in operating SOTT, and managing our U.S. non-profit, the parent of SOTT: Quantum Future Group, Inc. But as all of you know, being legal nowadays doesn't mean they won't try to throw the book - or mud - at you! Because, we all see that being illegal and getting away with it is what the PTB do all the time!

So having access to legal advice alone is not enough; we may be forced to defend ourselves against spurious charges in the near future, and that is one of the difficulties confronting us: we will need a LOT of monetary support to do that! And even if we are not charged, we have the opportunity - because of the false accusations - to take our accusers to court and answer, once and for all, in court, with the hard evidence, all the defamation that has been thrown at us for years by agents of the PTB, in an attempt to keep people like you away from our websites, our research, our work.

At this point, it really IS obvious that the years-long defamation has been just part of the wearing out and grinding down process. Why? Well, obviously because they must think that we are definitely on the right track both in connecting the dots, and in figuring out what people should be doing to prepare for the sweeping changes that have/will come across our planet, and those - even more dramatic changes - yet to come. We need to pursue this legal action for justice and for all of you who have stood by us through thick and thin; your faith and confidence will be vindicated! Such a lawsuit can cost in the ballpark of 100K euros or more, the same as the Pepin Lawsuit that we successfully defended back in 2008. Thankfully all of you backed us up then and we were able to counter that threat to SOTT's existence, but an even bigger threat looms over us at present and we ask for your help again.

We will admit that there have been times when we have felt totally exhausted under the relentless attacks and defamation that we have been subjected to since 9-11 - the time we took up the burden of chronicling what was really going on. One alternative news personality recently wrote to us in reaction to the Police interrogation we endured in December:
"I don't know anyone who's been attacked and harassed as much as you guys. What they did to me for a long time was pretty damn bad, and occasionally now, when I say stuff on Facebook they circle around me now and again, but YOU win the award for the most attacked truthers I've ever seen. Honestly. You must be trees. Only trees could survive what you have endured."
Well, none of us here are trees and we DO suffer from the despair at what we see and the repeating burn-out condition that we cycle through. But we have been able to deal with the attacks and exhaustion again and again because you, our readers, have made it possible; no other reason. It's all of you who make it possible. Physical Headquarters Under Threat

There is also a second front of attack we are currently experiencing as alluded to above. As many of you know, we've never had enough funds to buy a place to live and work; we are just renters. Unfortunately, the owner of the property we have been renting for 8 years fell on hard times some years ago and not only is the house falling apart, it is now in foreclosure and scheduled to be auctioned off in two months. Just thinking about having to move our library and offices fills us with dismay. We would LIKE to be able - and in a position - to make an offer on the house ourselves to ensure that there is no disruption to our work, our research, and our ability to provide to our readers for free. This is the perfect opportunity to do just that. If that fails, then we would need to find premises big enough to accommodate our operation, which naturally would come at a significant cost. Either way, you can help us with sorting out whichever of these two options is the right one. That problem is going to cost around 300K euros. Our total need is 400K Euros. Consider that, if only 1,000 of our millions of readers were to donate 400 Euros each, the goal would be reached. If 4000 readers could give 100 Euros each, the goal would be reached! You all did it when we had to fight against Pepin and HBI four years ago, we know you can do it again!

The difficult we do immediately; the impossible just takes a little while. And we've always been able to do it, but only with the help of our readers.

We are thankful to all our readers, and to those who have written the many letters and emails telling us how critical our work has been in helping them to figure out what is going on in the world, and making necessary changes in their lives so as to be better able to cope with living in a reality gone mad. As you tell us over and over again, there is no other website like and Cassiopaea, there is no other site that provides the kind of information and perspective we provide, and that is because we put our hearts and souls into it daily. SOTT has grown from just a few thousand readers a day to over 5 million, sometimes as high as 10 million! We think we can make that number go exponential in 2012!

So, in this critical time, we are again asking you to please help - GIVE NOW - because the lighthouse is in danger of going out. Without a legal defense fund, we will be dead in the water; without a place to live and work, we can do nothing at all. Without your support, SOTT doesn't exist. It could even be said that the health and prosperity of is a reflection of the potential for health and prosperity of all truth seekers on the planet today.

We thank you in advance for all the help you give. What's more, we want to make that thanks concrete: something you can hold in your hands. For every 100 dollars or euros given, we will give you the choice of any one of the products in our bookstore; It can even be signed for you personally. *** Note: if you wish to receive this after your donation, please send an e-mail to with your name and address, specifying which product you would like! ***

You Could Receive a Telephone Into the FUTURE!

In addition, Laura has agreed to part with a bit of history! Those who make donations of $1000 or more will have their names entered into a drawing to receive one of her four 'retired' Spirit boards used in the famous Cassiopaean experiment! The board will be autographed and suitable for framing because you all know that Laura isn't giving it away for you to use!

So send your special gift of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1000 dollars or euros today! Sign up for regular support. There are multiple payment options HERE. And remember, QFG Inc is a registered U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible in the USA.

NOTE: According to IRS rules, if you choose to receive books in return for your donation, you may only deduct from your income tax the amount of your donation less the retail value of the books plus shipping costs. If you choose to forego the book(s), you may deduct the full amount of your donation for US income tax purposes.

Together, we can make this an 'End of the World' that they will never, ever forget! The end of the Psychopath's dream, that is.

Thank you.

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