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While annual sales of statin drugs have reached 29-billion dollars a year, globally, new concerns are being raised by a broad range of health and consumer advocacy organizations around the world regarding the growing body of clinical research indicating they may be causing far greater harm than good.

Despite the success of statin drugs for lowering cholesterol, over 300 health problems have been linked to this chemical class of drugs in peer-reviewed clinical research found on the National Library of Medicine., a biomedical research site, is offering a 63 page PDF for free and unlimited download, as part of a broad-based awareness campaign dedicated to informing consumers and health care practitioners alike of the danger represented by the indiscriminate and excessive use of this chemical class of drugs.

Natural Society, which has garnished a global following due to its hard-hitting investigative pieces into the role corporations play in adversely affecting environmental and human health, is spear-heading the dissemination of this message, and openly invites other organizations to join the cause. The medical ethical principle of informed consent requires that patients be told the risks and benefits associated with their treatment.

Until there is full awareness among the millions of statin users in this country, and abroad, that these drugs may be contributing to muscle damage, nerve damage, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other adverse health effects, we believe the burden of proving them safe should be on the companies producing these products, as well as the regulatory agencies approving them for use, instead of the population being given them.