Did you see that ball of white that flew through the sky Friday morning?

Our newsroom was getting calls, emails, and tweets from listeners, and some are convinced they saw a meteor at around 7:30am.

"I saw this huge flash come right across the sky going west to east," says James, who was driving near Thorsby at the time. "Just by chance I caught the whole thing. It was very, very bright and very low to the ground."

Most callers agree that the light disappeared as quickly as it came.

"This was quite bright -- a big chunk of white," says Pat, who was driving on 153 Avenue near Castledowns Road. "(It only lasted) about two or three seconds. They go fast. You notice them, and then before it hit the ground or before it disappeared near the horizon, it was out."

Frank Florian from the Telus World of Science didn't see it, but by the description he's fairly confident that this was a meteor.

"They're usually short-lived, traveling very swiftly, usually taking anywhere from two to five seconds to go across the sky, very similar in nature to the 2008 fireball that was seen over much of Alberta and some of the northern states," says Florian.

There have been reported sightings from Thorsby to Gibbons to Mundare to Lac la Biche. And when you can see it across such a broad area, Florian says that means it was likely still hundreds, even thousands, of kilometres away.

"In terms of actually seeing it yourself, I'd say it's a little bit more on the rare side," says Florian, who wants to hear from anyone who caught a glimpse of the meteor. "In terms of how common things like this are passing through the earth's atmosphere, it happens every night. Every single day around the world, things are always hitting the earth, it's just a matter of you being outside at the right time."